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I attended the Small Business Big Ideas Quarterly live to air event coordinated by David Cohen . This event is a “live to air” (thanks to Radio That Doesn’t Suck).

The focus what Where and How to Get Money for your Business Venture. It’s not that I’m looking for money but I was certainly interested in attending for many reasons: personal interest, to learn and then provide information for our clients, to hear the speakers – Chandra Lee , Catherine Swift and Sean Wise (yup the guy from Dragons Den) – what an intriguing panel it was, plus I was so fortunate to see familiar faces and meet a few really great new people.

Here are a few interesting facts that I took from the panel:

– Investors want to see large amounts of revenue before they invest 50 – 500k
– Angel investors are available on the internet (go figure!)
– Succession plans should be established and reviewed regularly.
– Catherine Swift made mention that some people who create succession plans neglect to tell their successor that they’ve chosen them. She suggests ensuring that you tell the person you’ve chosen.
– A business plan should be a living document (oh my – I got excited here because that is what we say about Operations Manuals)
– Chandra Lee said her business plan helps her see trends in business and predict slow periods.

Interestingly enough David Cohen was featured as in the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business “Challenge” article as a panel advisor. Here is the link to the article…

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