Relationship with Inbox is Redirected Anger

The love/hate relationship that you may feel towards your email inbox appears to be a case of redirected anger. You can’t gain control over it so you get mad (at it and possibly at yourself).  The damn inbox seems to represent that you  may never truly succeed and it taunts you by continuously filling up […]

The Organized Lifestyle Magazine – Break Free and Start

It was a pleasure for us to launch our 100th edition of the Organized Lifestyle Magazine. Click here to read the edition. The focus was  on sharing a selection of  links to websites and people we love. The links are intended to provide inspiration, ideas, tips, tricks and tools to help you get organized and […]

Organizing – the summer edition

This is a link to our summer edition of the Organized Lifestyle Magazine (OLM) which is a compilation of our ‘cool connections’, links and resources for each area of your life: home, office, time management and for you personally! The Organized Lifestyle Magazine – Being organized and freeing your mind to do the things you […]

Organizing men isn’t so different from women

Do men really organize differently than women or is it ‘personality style’ that makes the difference? Let’s take a high level look at some common characteristics for each personality style: An Action Way personality enjoys a direct approach. They are fast paced and appreciate when things are kept simple. They are open-minded and enjoy the […]

Getting It All Done – One Step at a Time

Now is as good a time as any to think and plan for your future – that might be the end of the day, week or year. But, if you hear yourself saying “there just isn’t enough time to get everything done”, you wouldn’t be alone. Let’s explore some steps that you can incorporate to […]

Your Office – Your Money Maker

Think about your office, wherever it may be, and ask yourself if the organizational structure – the work flow and paper flow of that space truly support your work style? If not, ask yourself what is your motivation for making it better.   Space layout  Is your work station ergonomically correct Do you have enough lighting […]

Spring forward: Hit the Renew~Refresh button on Your Friendships.

This is another special post from Amy Greenleaf Brassert and Ruth Tamari the creators of The Smart Art of Friendship. It is no secret that this has been a long, cold, snowy winter making it challenging for many of us to get out the door. Our personal focus may have been inward and towards cocooning. […]

Tax Organizing is Time Well Spent

Let’s face it, gathering up a whole year’s worth of receipts and other documents pertaining to your tax filing can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. You don’t want to miss out on important tax deductions just because you didn’t keep track of them throughout the year, especially if you are a small business […]

Less Hours = More Productive

It’s a simple fact that when we have 4 hours to complete a task, we’ll take four hours. Alternatively, If we have one hour to complete the task, we’ll still get it done. Allow me introduce you to one article about how working less hours will make you more productive. In the article you’ll see […]

Get It Done – Schedule, Delay, Delete

Imagine a time when you were juggling multiple things at once that were all very important (for some of you it could have been yesterday). You may have been juggling a mixture of a difficult personal situation, an aging parent, a very sick friend or relative, a failed project at work, a death, a demanding […]

Organize Your Debt 101

Being financially overwhelmed can have side affects such as: insomnia, eczema, irritability and dry mouth. And, I’m almost positive there is medical research to support my findings. Did you know that getting organized places 10th in the Top Ten New Years Resolutions and getting finances organized is included in that category? Here are the kAos […]