Organize Your Work Space

I think they’ve covered every area of a work space in this awesome article. Work surface Task Lighting Filing System In-Box Desktop Organizers Concealed Storage Drawer Organizers Notepad Happy Accessories Hidden Cords Plus they included where you can buy the items they featured! Click here to read the article More awesome storage ideas from See […]

Common Residential Organizing Challenges and Solutions

Areas that challenge us can remain in disarray much longer than we’d like. Sometimes a little collaborative thinking is all you need to jump-start the process.  Bathroom Challenge Lack of storage Poor use of existing storage Solution Review stock Dispose of old PX (recycle at your neighborhood drug store) Recycle bottles, jars, shampoos, or lotions […]

Five Tricks to Help You Get Organized with Time

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, like you’re always trying to catch up or like you’re doing your best and it’s just not enough? According to Environics Canada (2012) 63% of individuals said they are not organized with time management. We understand that this ‘getting organized’ stuff isn’t as easy as articles make it out to […]

Organizing Your Wine

The first and possibly the most important thing about any wine collection is that you will want to drink it one day. You may even plan the perfect meal or celebration around an incredible bottle. But if you’re not caring for your wine then you might be a little disappointed when you finally pop the […]


Hello #FARMSMART 2014 attendees! It was such an honour to be chosen to present two sessions (Managing Life and the Inbox and Time Management – A Business Perspective) at such an innovative and inspiring conference. Thank you to the conference committee for everything and thank you for taking the time to attend my session(s).  This […]

Planning Tips and Strategies

In December and January retailers are bursting with great ‘new’ ways to plan your life with new scheduling software and thousands of types of day timers. Trust me when I say that whether you choose a PDA or a hard copy day planner, the important thing is that you use it. You can’t blame the […]

You’re really busy, right? Of course you are!

Sometimes I just need to post what someone else has written because I couldn’t have said it better myself. This article title  is “Busy – the worst word in business” but it’s also the worst word in our personal lives. Busy leaves no room for the unexpected (often wonderful things) to happen in our lives. […]

Planning for 2014? How about a power finish to 2013 first?

There are less than 30 days till the New Year and many are planning ahead but what about closing our 2013 knowing what went well, what would you change and then clearly identifying your 2014 objectives based on historical data? Now is the perfect time to think and plan for what you will analyse about […]

Questions about getting organized? Call in today (Wednesday Nov 27th at 2pm EST)

Today – Wednesday Nov 27th call us on In the Know with your questions about organizing. The host of In the Know is Julia Suppa juliasuppa  The number to call in is: 1-877-222-5310 In a recent study by Environics Canada, 40% felt their home office was less than organized while 58% felt that their clothes […]