A Clear Mind

Tax Organization is Time Well Spent … we think so at least!

Let’s face it, gathering up a whole year’s worth of receipts and other documents pertaining to your tax filing can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. You don’t want to miss out on important tax deductions just because you didn’t keep track of them throughout the year, especially if you are a small business […]

The Organized Lifestyle Blog

Hello and Happy Spring! The Organized Lifestyle Magazine has been replaced by the Organized Lifestyle Blog. We will continue to share top-rated articles, words of wisdom, links to other great sites and provide ideas for organizing your home, office, time and spirit. The Organized Lifestyle Blog can be easily found on our website www.kaosgroup.com. We […]

If energy is what you need …then let’s create more!

It seems that everyone wants more energy. So let’s look at what ‘more energy’ means in your life and how you can get more of it. Step One: Schedule 15 minutes to explore what is draining your energy and to decide how you will start to get more energy. Can you get more energy from […]

The Nitty Gritty on Goals and Organizing Them

Setting goals can be daunting while others will rhyme of their long list of goals leaving you wonder how they will ever achieve all those things in the next 12 months. There are ground rules for goals  and these rules aren’t to burst your bubble but rather to keep things in check, trackable and attainable […]

Burnt Rice and 3 #@@!!** Simple Steps

If I read one more ‘3 Simple Steps’ or “just do this” to prepare for the holidays I might throw a full-on adult tantrum. I can’t describe the pain that preaching the simplicity of organizing  causes people who struggle with the concept of getting organized. I read articles that say “in three simple steps” or […]

Take the Quiz – Organized, Money and Happiness

One Grand Idea....

Could You Make More Money if you  Worked with a Professional Organizer? Quick Quiz To help our readers understand the scope of the Professional Organizing services offered by kAos Group, we’ve compiled this simple quiz. 1. Read each section, check mark each statement that resonate with you and add them up at the end. 2. […]

Organizing the Money and Your Mind = David and Goliath

Let’s talk about your personal office. Your mortgage, debt, bills, investments and all the other paper documents that represent your financial responsibilities. Are these organized, accessible and getting paid on time or do you avoid this kind of paper because you are uncomfortable with your financial situation? Dealing with paper is the quickest and easiest […]

Relationship with Inbox is Redirected Anger

The love/hate relationship that you may feel towards your email inbox appears to be a case of redirected anger. You can’t gain control over it so you get mad (at it and possibly at yourself).  The damn inbox seems to represent that you  may never truly succeed and it taunts you by continuously filling up […]