Clear up your Credit Card Clutter

We’re coming up quickly on the holiday season – a wonderful time for spending time with friends and family and we all know that a little gift giving is often included.

I know those little receipts from the stores and those silly bills the credit card companies send us each month can get a little overwhelming but there is no better time than now to take back control of your credit card situation.

Click here to read the interview of my peers and I posted by Credit Cards of Canada or get started with some of these steps below:

1) Group all credit card receipts (by card) into shoe boxes, envelopes or other and label clearly

2) Group all credit card statements (by card) into clearly labelled hang files

3) Continue to put all receipts into their new home (every day, week or month) – this means no more receipts strewn all over the place

4) Open your statements and review your charges monthly (you’re looking for mistaken charges on your card – yes, this happens)

5) Continue to keep your receipts and statements grouped by card and start a new box/envelope at the beginning of 2013 – this will give you a head start on your taxes – seriously!

If you have questions or need help feel free to reach out to us at kAos Group

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