Corporations working with Pro Organizers – Office Maintenance

In a large office environment it can be a difficult task to determine who is going to straighten out the kitchen and keep the copy rooms and board rooms organized and stocked while maintaining office supplies for multiple departments.

The National Managing Director of Finance and Administration at Grant Thornton had very clear objectives when we first met back in 2009. She wanted a “neatly organized, clean and inviting place to work” and she recognized that the “standard cleaning services provided by property managers and/or landlords may be insufficient for those expecting a higher level of sustained cleanliness”.

The National Managing Director, said in her letter to us recently that the “relationship with kAos Group benefits both our staff and our bottom line. Staff members appreciate the efforts that result in a healthy and organized environment, and we’ve had numerous clients and visitors openly comment on the cleanliness of our premises”.

It’s truly a pleasure for us to customize our services to fulfill the specific needs of their team and their goal of an environmentally healthy and orderly workplace.

If you’d like to discuss how this can happen in your office then contact us at our office.


Note: This information was originally published in 2011 with permission and we are so pleased to share that we continue to work WITH the stellar team at Grant Thornton.