Downsizing and Dementia – Part Three of Three

If you haven’t read my previous posts – my mother has Alzheimer’s – she is non verbal and confined to a wheelchair. This has happened over the past 11 years….. here is the story of my visit with her the other day……

I visited my mother the other day. When I arrived she was in bed but still awake. She looked at me with far away eyes – today I felt like a complete stranger so I gently kissed her forehead and her expression changed, it softened and soon she was asleep.

I had just driven 1.5 hours to see  her and wasn’t leaving it didn’t matter if she was asleep or not. So I sat in her wheel chair (where she spends her days now) and I wondered how I could be of use. That’s when it dawned on me to tidy up her dresser ….which led to the closet.

I opened the first drawer and wondered to myself how I could have let her drawers get so unruly – I am a professional organizer after all!

Like I say in the public talks and private training sessions “life happens and that affects our ability to maintain organization – it just so happens that when I normally visit her we try to have an activity – like sitting in the big room with the grandchildren and watching the birds but today was different, it was just me and she was already asleep.

It took about 1 hour to empty, wiped clean, sorted and put everything back into the dresser. The next hour was the closet and although there aren’t many clothes the more organized they are the easier it is for her caregivers to dress her. And lastly I was able to clean and tidy her dresser top and side table.

During my cleaning and organizing the nursing staff all dropped in to see what I was doing…it’s not every day that family comes to clean and tidy… and that’s when it dawned on me. We all need care givers and if you are caring for your parents, who is caring for you? Who is doing for you the tasks that you don’t have time to do? We have a gal who visits our mother when we’re not there but she has a job and it’s not cleaning and organizing her dresser and closet.

At kAos Group we are very proud to say that we provide this type of service to our clients whose family members live in homes or care facilities but I never thought for one second that I needed this for my mother.

Talk about a light bulb moment!

Do you have a family member living in a seniors residence or a full care facility?
Could you use some help with
– organizing their living space,
– changing their seasonal clothes and
– providing a general overall cleaning

Give us a call at 416.347.9002 or email us at

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