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Get Clear. Reduce Stress. Smile More

How organized you become is a personal preference but getting organized is an essential requirement for optimum productivity. When you are organized, you are clear about what needs to be done and less stressed about having to do it. Being organized in your work place and living space allows you to stay focused on required […]

Need More Energy?

If energy is what you need …then let’s create more! In this two step article we’ll look at what ‘more energy’ means in your life and how you can get more of it. Can you get more energy from cooking better food, taking lunches to work or through exercise. Maybe you could get one more […]

Deanne Kelleher, founder of kAos Group

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Deanne is a sought-after speaker and trainer, as well as part-time faculty at Toronto’s Centennial College. Always educational and entertaining, Deanne tailors presentations for each engagement to ensure that her audiences are presented with the most appropriate information and relevant insights catered to their specific needs. She shares her personal and professional experiences and observations about how functional, healthy workplaces are designed, and how individuals can embrace productivity and be highly successful while enjoying a balanced life.