Evernote: Junk drawer for your digital life!

There are literally thousands of articles you can read about ‘must have apps‘. This one certainly has a few of the top for functionality in day-to-day work/play life. Especially when they talk about Evernote.

Evernote: Junk drawer for your digital life – Another indispensable classic, cloud-based notetaking app Evernote is quite possibly the world’s most incredible junk drawer. You can throw all the random stuff of life in it – photos, voice memos, attachments, clips from the Internet, typed and even handwritten notes – and it makes everything searchable, synced and accessible across all of your devices. The uses are really limitless. Record a sound bite at a conference on your phone and listen to it later on your work PC. Jot down some inspiration on your tablet on the bus, then finish the thought later on your home computer. Take a photo of a business card or handwritten Post-it note, then – courtesy of Evernote’s OCR handwriting recognition – search its contents at a later time. The free mobile app lets you upload up to 60 megabytes a month. Upgrade to Premium $5/month, $45/year and you get a gigabyte of uploads, collaborative notebooks which colleagues can log into and edit and access to your notes even when offline.

via 7 Must-Have Free Mobile Apps to do Your Job Better | LinkedIn.

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