Free Your Mind from Forgetting – Agendas are Awesome!

Of course you’d expect me, a Professional Organizer, to make a statement like “agendas are awesome”. But I’m not saying that just because my agenda keeps me organized. I’m saying that because of the clarity of knowing what I’m supposed to be doing and when I’m supposed to be doing it provides me.

Allow me to explain. My agenda (which is a PDA that I sync regularly with my laptop and then back up to keep all my information safe)  allows me to schedule all of my meetings, remember what I’m supposed to be doing (all the little tasks), manage a team and keep communicating effortlessly with everyone I know. I can capture ideas and make notes of the miscellaneous things I need to buy; a brush at the drug store, ink at Staples and my favorite granola at the specialty grocery store. Plus, I am able to remember who I need to call one month from now, where I met them and what we discussed in our first conversation or in our first email exchange. My agenda enables me to manage my life from all angles.

Executive skills are being taught in schools – elementary schools have agendas and middle schools are teaching time management strategies. Companies, leaders and individuals are learning in adult hood these same skills.

An agenda, paper or electronic, allows us to capture our ideas and responsibilities in one safe place so that we can free up our minds and know confidently that everything that needs to get done is accounted for.

Go and get your agenda, be sure everything that all of your appointments are in your calendar and all of your tasks are grouped together and captured in one place and then schedule the time in to get them done. This won’t all happen overnight but you’ll feel incredible that you are back in the drivers seat of your life!