Looking for Business Growth? Six Areas to Measure

I was honored to present the first session at the National POC Conference to 130 of my esteemed colleagues. Of course I was a little nervous but those nerves quickly fell away as I dove into the details that most business owners never publicly admit they struggle with.

Here’s a quick recap if you weren’t there
We reviewed six segments of the day-to-day business functionality that most owners neglect to evaluate. It’s no wonder owners don’t want to spend the time on this sort of thing but the tough part is that these day-to-day functions steal time, affect our personal lives, sometimes break our spirit and in the end separate the victorious from the mediocre.

1. Customer Relations Management (CRM) also called your database. This is all your client information and if you aren’t communicating, staying in touch, following up and caring for your connections then it’s been a waste of your time and effort to put them there in the first place. We measure this because your contacts are the most valuable asset of your business.

2. Marketing and Networking – What marketing materials do you have, do they communicate who you are and what you do and when you are networking which marketing materials are you giving to people? We measure marketing and networking so we know our ROI: on time, money, effort and connections in our community.

3. Email – enough about spending 4 hours on email. Break down your email communications and ask yourself where can you create templates to support your business and how are you tracking this information in your CRM. We measure time spent on ’email’ (calendar, tasks and projects) to rein in and reduce the costs associated with daily or repetitive functions.

4. Process and Procedure – the Operations Manual (OM). Now days the OM is not only a calming mantra but it’s a living document to support the business protocols that you set up: admin processes are easier to delegate when you have the process documented, communications are consistent, accounting processes accurate – day-to-day and year after year, job descriptions, marketing materials and more. We measure this to ensure that you are running your business with the same excellence that you serve your customers.

5. Social Media – I’m not the expert on how-to with Social Media but I certainly have some opinions on why you should be measuring your efforts versus results. At the very least ask yourself what’s your message, where are you communicating, how often and what are the results. We measure this to ensure the information you are sending out ties into your goals and your budget for time allocated.

6. Tracking – these are some of the toughest questions of all – but they need to be asked! What are you going to track? Why are you going to track it? How will you track it? When will you track it?

Deanne Kelleher is the principal of kAos Group, author of the Core Four™ System and a motivational speaker and facilitator on productivity. kAos Group works with clients to help identify inefficiencies – the clutter and disorganization that prevents professional and personal growth – and help clients streamline their business and personal lives to reduce stress, increase profits, and create more time.
Visit www.kaosgroup.com to review the Organized Lifestyle Magazine for tips and motivation for your home, office, time and spirit.

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