Loving Where You Live

In a recent study by Environics Canada, 58% of Canadians surveyed felt that their clothes closets and wardrobes were less than very organized. Getting dressed every day is a necessity – it’s not supposed to be a daily challenge.

Your closet, no matter how big or small, has prime real estate patches and the most frequently used items should be most easily accessed.

What holds most people back from tackling the closet?

1. It’s feels like a terribly daunting task to do alone
2. You’re not sure where to start
3. It requires a plan and you’re not sure that the plan should be
4. What you do always takes forever and you never feel finished

If you are ready to tackle it alone, click here to see where you can donate your clothing… If you’d like help tacking the task call us at 416.347.9002 or email us at info@kaosgroup.com

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