Networking: Staying in Touch and Staying Organized

I had such an enjoyable meeting with Tammy Elliott last week and amongst the topics we covered she was kind enough to share her insights and tips on how she keeps track and builds her authentic network of connections.

She’s got some excellent tips and knows what she’s talking about – she hosts a monthly event for 60+ people )

Take a look at her video here – once you click you can get to know more about her.

Staying organized – YouTube.

If you shy away from Linked In because you’re not sure how to use it – do check out her Linked In profile where she has information about the courses she helps make social media easy.

2 thoughts on “Networking: Staying in Touch and Staying Organized

  1. Janet Barclay says:

    Great video! But I do disagree with one of Tammy’s points. Adding someone to your newsletter list after meeting them at a networking event is not only presumptuous, but is now illegal in Canada.

  2. kaosgroup says:

    You are right, Janet. Can’t add people to lists without clear permission. Hopefully people are learning or are familiar with business protocols.

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