What other office organizers have to say

I recently spoke with Susannah and Peg from The Office Organizers to hear what they had to say about the subject of office organizing, the common challenges and their recommendations on some solutions.

Here’s what they had to say – As office organizers we run into common work challenges over and over again. The following are challenges we help clients with every day and we’ve included tips that can be easily inserted into your daily routines to raise the bar on your organizational skills.


Often current project paper work gets lost in piles because clients don’t have a simple system in place. They also have no clear space on their desk to work and focus effectively. Implementing user friendly systems ensures work is completed in a timely manner, which enhances performance and boosts confidence!

 Office Desk Assembly Line

Create a staging area with an in/out box and a vertical file holder for easy retrieval of current and to do files. Clear an area for working and writing on your desk to foster efficiency and creativity.

 E-Mail Inbox

Open a new folder in your inbox for your next project and place all communication related into it, saving yourself time and frustration.

 Project Paper Work

Create files for active projects and drop them in your vertical file holder for easy retrieval. When the project is complete, edit the material and file the folder, clearing your mind and workspace for the next project.



Multitasking costs! It actually wastes time. Did you know it takes approximately 20 minutes to regain the same level of concentration once interrupted? Creating new boundaries and quick, easy fixes result in greater efficiency, productivity and timely completion of projects.

 Schedule Project Time

Book it in your calendar as you would a meeting. Creating sacred time produces huge results!

 Post a Note

A polite note on your workspace asking for quiet time creates a friendly boundary. No interruptions results in highly effective deep thinking work.


Turn the sound off your cell phone and email. Leave a voice mail indicating you’ll return calls at a designated time. Your productivity will soar!

It takes careful evaluation and planning to work smart. Conferring with a professional to implement systems and instill behaviours to decrease stress and increase productivity is a great way to take control and achieve a successful work/life balance!


Thanks Peg and Susannah,  I appreciate your insights and am sure the kAos Group community will  too!