Organize Your Kitchen


The kitchen is known in many cultures as the gathering place. Much conversation happens in a kitchen. When I was young our kitchen was the hub of the house. Everything was discussed and debated in the kitchen over breakfast, while cooking dinner, even late at night as other family members slept. The kitchen is so important and often people are bothered, frustrated, and even too overwhelmed to enjoy spending time in the kitchen because it is difficult to find and access the tools needed to create a meal.

Here are some tips to help you organize your kitchen:

Group like items – mixing bowls, serving platters, canned food, spices, and Tupperware
Create more space – always look up! Install hooks to hang mugs or use risers to stack dishes to the full capacity of the shelf space.
Hang it – ceiling or wall mounted units are great for storing pots and pans. What to do with the lids? Use a lid holder that stores them vertically on the inside of a door
Containerize – group like items, such as rice or pasta, and put them into a plastic basket in side the cupboard or upright Tupperware containers that are clearly marked
Easy Access – use a drawer organizer for your utensils
Magnetic wall strip, wooden knife holder or a large container on your counter top – for storing knives
Maximize the counter space – mount your appliances to the underside of the upper cabinets.

Have you been wondering how to clean and preserve your cutting board? Our resident carpenter gave us the inside scoop.

• Regular maintenance of butcher blocks and wooden cutting boards means washing after each use with warm soapy water, rinsing and wiping dry immediately.
• Less frequently, give the surface a good scrub with coarse salt and half a lemon; rinse well with warm water, wipe dry and rub in some mineral oil.
If a wooden board is quite greasy try this: Cover cutting surface with salt and let stand overnight. Brush off the next day with a stiff-bristle brush and then clean as indicated above.
Don’t use vegetable oil it will go rancid.