Organize Your Magazines

Do you find yourself keeping great magazines only to later wonder, which one has the article about organizing or renovating your bathroom? What about that great recipe or the tip on how to get that stain out? Here are a few ways to organize the articles, once and for all, that otherwise elude you when you need them most.

1. In your filing cabinet create a hanging folder called “Renovations” or “House Ideas”. Rip out the articles and drop into the folder.

2. Want to keep the whole magazine? Dedicate a group of magazine boxes to your cause. You can label the boxes to suit your style. “Renovating”, “Organizing”, “Gardening”, “Recipes” – you get the idea. Note: Be sure to mark the pages as you are flipping through the magazine. You can use the cool highlighter pen by Post It that has page tabs built-in, you can use the *3M Post-it Durable Index Tabs, or just good ‘ole mini sticky notes – the choice is yours but do remember to keep your supplies handy.

3. If your areas of interest are vast then you could consider a three-ring binder with sections of interest – allow me to divulge some of the category titles of my personal binder:

Storage & Organizing Solutions
Decorating ideas – Valentines, holidays, center pieces
Stain Removal

Good luck!

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