Productivity tips and the tools to achieve them

I just love this article for a few reasons. Allow me a moment to rant – er, I mean share why I like these productivity tips ….

Firstly, TJ speaks the truth:

“Small business owners and the people who work in a small business often feel special pressure  because there are so few hands to go around to do the work.  Trying out new things isn’t high on the list. After all, it takes more time to find productivity tools and to experiment with new ways of doing things.”

I especially like how he mentions that “trying out new things isn’t high on the list” mainly because many adults that I speak with feel a sense of defeat when it comes to being more productive. And the multitude of bloggers/writers who write about how “getting productive” is “easy” makes me a little bit crazy! There is nothing ‘easy’ about learning a new program (easy app or not) when you are in the thick of running a business or a team. Especially if you aren’t even sure of where or how to get more productive!

The second reason I really like this article is because of his uber practical tips 3, 4 and 5

#3 – Learn to type faster …I just love how practical that is. My children often ask me how I learned to type so fast and my answer is always the same, “our of necessity”.

Check out this online (no charge) typing tutor called Typing Web

#4 – Use a tickler file …If you can’t or don’t manage your tasks, to-do’s, action items (call them what ever you want) in a reliable digital system then use a paper task management system. The tickler file has been around for years and you can get one set up in a rather short period of time (once you buy the supplies and schedule some time in your calendar to actually do it).

Check out this great article on setting up and using a tickler file

Do you use Excel to track your tasks? Don’t roll your eyes if you don’t agree – this isn’t about judging, this IS about making sure people get what they need done. So, if you do use Excel to track your tasks be sure to check out Tj’s Excel instructions that walk you through formatting your spread sheet to change the colors of upcoming and overdue tasks. Click here …

#5 – Don’t reinvent the wheel … a certain personality style, an overwhelmed individual or an avoider (a person who doesn’t really want to do the work) will reinvent systems to further avoid doing the task at hand. The best input I could give you if you are one of those people is to, as Nike says, Just Do It! The alternative however could also be, hire someone else to do it. Warning, if you want to delegate a task you must first be very clear about how you want the person to execute so, be sure to do it at least once or twice so you can provide direction.

If your challenge is tracking receipts then shoot me an email and I’ll send you an Excel template that you can use. Alternatively, use paper and pen, envelopes by month and an addition machine. The point here is to actually do what needs to be done!

And my all time favourite is #7 – a place to keep inspiration … this is a must in my world and if you find things that feed your spirit, keep you motivated and give you that little something to push you onward then keep them handy!!!

Read Tj’s entire article here …