Quick Tip for Organizing A Closet

A common challenge is the ‘where do I put it’ syndrome. For people who don’t naturally think about how to sort, organize and containerize it can be a little awkward in the beginning but let me tell you that the results are so exhilarating.

The closet is a great example – I was filming a small episode for a TV show and I mentioned that winter sweaters can be moved out of the closet or stored higher up in the summer so that our client could have easily accessible space for her summer attire. When we finished filming the producer was blown away by this concept – and I was giddy that she found the idea so valuable – rotate your seasonal clothing!
It’ like the Aha moment when someone discovers an easy place to put the mail, the house keys or the 24 rolls of toilet paper.
Our clients don’t always know where to put stuff but they know how it ‘needs’ to work and then we help them create that system.

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