Rubbermaid Reveal – an eco friendly (and awesome) way to clean

Look up into the corners of your ceiling – do you see a tiny web because your cleaner can’t reach that spot above your furniture. Now look down to that little dust collecting area under the fridge or the stove ….yup it’s gross but not for long!

I tried the new Reveal product by Rubbermaid the other day and I was so pleasantly impressed…. let me tell you why:
1. I love when companies leave it up to me to choose the cleaning products I prefer
2. I love it when they make their products reusable like the mopping pad
3. I love it when they make their products durable – I’ve already washed them a few times and they are like new!
4. I love it when they think of storage for these products – hooks for all the pads and the handle
5. I love that the dusting microfiber reaches all corners with those cute (but evidently incredibly functional) tassels that grab the dust and hang on tight instead of just fluffing the particles all over the room
And, I really appreciate, as a consumer, that the mopping pad and the dusting pad stay put while I’m using them.

Rubbermaid – you’ve made my cleaning easier but most of all I appreciate being sold a product that delivers on it’s promise.


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