I recently had the most wonderful opportunity to meet Rona Maynard. At first I was a little nervous, yes – it’s true!

I remember reading her words in Chatelaine Magazine and being in awe of what she did. During our meeting I learned so much more about this wonderful woman and am happy to share with you a course that she is offering. I am terribly disappointed I can’t attend due to a teaching commitment but I’m sure you’ll all enjoy this incredible opportunity to develop your ‘story tool kit’.


a workshop with Rona Maynard

All compelling stories have something in common, from Harry Potter to your organization’s newest initiative. They’re about change. They take the reader on a challenge-filled quest to the place where big plans become real. That’s why stories hold the power to open minds, inspire teams and attract customers. Important information with no story to give it life is like a treasure chest with no key. Unlocking the chest is what storytellers do. And you don’t have to be J.K. Rowling to make it happen. If you have a product to sell, a cause to champion or employees to motivate, you too can acquire the tools that will pull readers into your story.

In this interactive workshop, former Chatelaine Editor Rona Maynard shares the storytelling tool kit she developed at the helm of a Canadian icon during the biggest rebranding in its history. Rona’s practical tools will add vitality and relevance to every story you or your team creates while enhancing the ongoing story of the brand. Join Rona and discover the secrets of compelling business writing:

* The three essentials that drive a story forward;

* The all-important difference between facts and a story;

* Three things writers must know before starting their story;

* The story-killing error that trips up even good wordsmiths;

* The first question readers ask about absolutely any story;

* How to create word pictures that hold readers’ attention;

* The difference between words that reach out to readers and words that push readers away.

Format: 30-minute introduction to the tool kit, followed by group discussion in which we apply the tools to representative business writing supplied by participants or found online by Rona Maynard

When: Wednesday, November 13, 2 – 5

Where: Verity Women’s Club, 111d Queen St. East

Cost: $150 + HST

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