Spring Clean Your Garage – Bottoms Up!

The garage is often the most neglected area of your home, yet it can actually be one of your home’s greatest assets. A well-organized garage utilized as another living or work space can add thousands of dollars to the value of your house and provide you with countless hours of enjoyment. Over the next few months, kAos Group will be focusing on helping you with your garage makeover, beginning with the area that we first encounter as soon as we set foot in our garage and that is the floor.

Because of the harsh elements and exposure that your garage endures, most garages are built with a concrete floor that is pretty durable and easy to keep clean. But standard grey concrete is certainly not a “warm and friendly” floor when it comes to feel and appearance. Depending on how much time you spend in your garage and what you are using it for, you may want to consider upgrading your garage floor with some better materials that not only will make it easier to care for but also safer for your family.

We spoke with Dan Petcoff from Premier Garage to discuss a selection of flooring options.

Premier Garage Floor Coating System

– Coating your garage flooring or laying garage floor tiles can do wonders for improving the look and feel of your garage space. A coated garage floor is also easier to keep clean, thereby reducing the dirt and grease that can get tracked into your home, something particularly important if you have a direct entrance door from your garage to your house.

– Garage tiles are now available in recycled plastic and rubber which not only provides an eco-friendly product, but also keeps your family off a cold floor in the winter. This can make a huge difference if you are going to consider utilizing your garage for your hobby or leisure living space. An added bonus with ventilated floor tiles is that they provide drainage for snow and rain brought into your garage from your car, thus giving you a much safer walking surface for your family.

Your garage may well be the largest space in your home and finishing it with practical and safe flooring can extend your home’s usable living space leading to years of future enjoyment. Begin your garage makeover with a solid foundation and you will find that your investment pays off!

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