A sure fire recipe for getting nothing done!

What is Toggling Costing You?

We all know that countless interruptions throughout our work day is a sure fire recipe for getting nothing done. In an effort to stay on top of all the communications we get on a daily basis we have embraced the art of multi-tasking. Taking a sneak peak at our Twitter feed, or Facebook wall and typing out quick replies to emails often takes place simultaneously while we work on various projects and assignments. A computer scientist has come up with a theory about this in his article, Brain Interrupted, that we are really not multi-tasking at all. Instead, by juggling between emails, texts, tweets, we are actually doing “rapid toggling between tasks.”

When a consumer switches banks or a business switches suppliers, companies have proven that there is an economic cost involved. Similarly, there is a cost effect on our brain when it gets interrupted by switching tasks. In an experiment with a control group that was not interrupted while they were asked to read a short passage and answer questions and another group that was interrupted with brief emails on further instructions, the brain drain on the interrupted group made them answer correctly 20% less often!

While it’s not surprising that this “toggling” causes us to lose focus, many of us find it difficult to turn off the distractions. But if you can quantify how much it is costing you – reducing your performance from 80% to 60% – then you may just have the motivation needed to close your email application, turn of your instant alerts, and just do one task at a time.

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