Surviving Day 1 through 5 After a Holiday

Whether it’s March break, summer vacation, Family Day or a long weekend the first day or week in the office can be hazardous to your health, literally!

Read through the tips 2-3 weeks before you leave on vacation so that you can create strategies for you upon your return. I bet you and your team would love to see your ‘holiday’ glow last more than one day.

Review the strategies below define which you will implement into your work flow procedures:
1. Arrive early each day for one week and spend dedicated time clearing your inbox – use a timer in 20/30 minute intervals
2. Email
a) Sort emails and file accordingly
b) Drag and drop emails into tasks and then file
c) Create a temporary folder and put it in your favorites list where you can put emails you need to refer back to next week (be sure to put that 30 minutes into your calendar)

3. Switch your work flow between mindless tasks and those that require your attention – it’s far less draining and can even add a little relief (dare I say ‘fun’ to the workload)
4. Review your calendar and define what is realistic and what can be moved
5. Review your task list to ensure you know what you need to be doing
6. Clear your desk – use a timer here too if you feel that it will help.
a) Execute a quick sort of papers, allocate to action, to file, to file, to delegate or to the recycle bin

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