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Common Residential Organizing Challenges and Solutions

Areas that challenge us can remain in disarray much longer than we’d like. Sometimes a little collaborative thinking is all you need to jump-start the process.  Bathroom Challenge Lack of storage Poor use of existing storage Solution Review stock Dispose of old PX (recycle at your neighborhood drug store) Recycle bottles, jars, shampoos, or lotions […]

Closet organizing to fit every life stage

Your family is growing and so is your closet! A pregnant mother means multiple sizes and seasons of clothing, a newborn means lots of onesies and sleep blankets and a toddler means plenty of changes of clothes. There are the day-to-day clothes, the athletic wear, Sunday best and clothes for the cottage. While you’re keeping […]

Enjoy a Fresh Style in Your Closet this Season

As we get our kids set for school and psych ourselves up for another fall season, there’s no better time than now for a closet make-over. So, before you head out on a shopping trip for new clothes check out what you ‘need’. If you’ve already shopped (because really, who hasn’t :)) still consider following […]

Closet 101: Tips for Making Over Your Closet

It was so much fun writing this article originally for Rubbermaid Configurations Canada and now it’s your check list to get your daily dressing groove back on! Is your closet cluttered? Do you have multiple items of clothing on hangers? Can you find the shoes you want right away? Do you know where all of […]

Small Space Offices and Other Small Space Organizing Ideas

What really matters in your office is that you’ve got what you need within arms reach. If you are wondering where to set up your office in a small space remember to inventory what you need it to hold and what types of supplies you’ll need handy. Take a look at this article about small […]

Downsizing and Dementia – Part One of Three

This is the article that I wrote quite a few years ago about a woman named June….. June had made the decision to move back to the big city to be closer to her children. She was once a married mother of seven and the downsizing process had already happened in various stages in her […]

Clearing closets helps shed pounds?

Does clearing out space create room for new ……or help you shed pounds? In a recent impromptu conversation on Facebook with David Cohen he openly shared with me that after clearing out his closets he weighed in 4 kilos lighter at Weight Watchers that week. Is there a connection, you ask? David says “I believe […]

Smithsonian and The Solo Traveler

Smithsonian Resident Associates Program – Cooking and Traveling Solo: A Taste of Adventure. If you’re interested in Solo Traveling I would recommend clicking here to learn more about traveling alone, solo travel safety, to find deals and so much more…. Janice Waugh Solotraveler As mentioned in the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Toronto Star, LA Times […]

Tips to Find Your Shorts Amid Your Sweaters

Here is a wonderful contribution from our friend Tamara Glick of Trademark Image Consulting to help our readers sort the seasonal clothes and manage your visual message. When that first day of warm weather hits, when the breeze is just right and the sky is a bright, clear blue, I’m always compelled by thoughts of […]