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The Sex Appeal of Email

Of course I have work to do but skimming my 156 emails from yesterday has this … dare I say, sex appeal. If you Google “what is sex appeal?” wikihow.com says that “sex appeal is, by nature, almost undefinable” … then goes on to explain how it’s a “nebulous quality that draws you to someone […]

How to Amplify Your Productivity with One App

Want to know why everyone is touting the virtues of Evernote? Because it really is AMAZING! If you haven’t yet tried this app, then read on. And if you are already using it, read on to find out how to further boost your productivity with a feature that you may not even be aware of. […]

Get going with your Google calendar

With the use of the internet search engine plus my subscriptions to some of the worlds greatest productivity, technology and organizing people I have a substantial amount of resources at my finger tips. What I don’t know i learn and then happily share with those who want to get more done with less stress. If […]

Evernote: Junk drawer for your digital life!

There are literally thousands of articles you can read about ‘must have apps‘. This one certainly has a few of the top for functionality in day-to-day work/play life. Especially when they talk about Evernote. Evernote: Junk drawer for your digital life – Another indispensable classic, cloud-based notetaking app Evernote is quite possibly the world’s most […]

What you need to know about SEO – Search Engine Optimization

I learned so much about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from the team at Optimising the Melbourne SEO Experts that I asked them to send along some information that I could share. What is SEO SEO, or ‘search engine optimization’ describes a strategy for maximizing your online presence and visibility. It can be thought of as […]

Passwords and Passwords and More Passwords

With so many passwords to remember and not such a great memory for remembering I started and Excel Document quite a few years ago. I have since created multiple sheets. Allow me to give you an idea just how many passwords I have and how I’ve grouped the information within the sheets and how I […]

Winning at Email

Have you ever felt like you just spent 8 hours on email? What a painful way to feel about your day – unless you’re absolutely elated that you just cleared ten thousand emails from your inbox. One of the biggest challenges with emails can be those darn links – you click on a link and […]

Please stop blaming your email

The love/hate that people feel towards their email inbox seems to be a case of redirected anger. They can’t get control over it so they get mad at it because they don’t know how to get it under control. Or, worse yet, they’ve read the books and attended the courses but they continue to work […]

Empty your Inbox: Process and organize your email more efficiently

There are literally hundreds of ways to manage your email. The more options you have the more easily it will be to choose the way that works best for you. Here is an excerpt from Microsoft on Organizing Outlook 2. Schedule uninterrupted time to process and organize email. How many times are you interrupted every […]

Coping with Email Overload

Peter Bregman is the author: 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done. In this quick read article he offers practical ideas to consider….. Instead of checking email continuously and from multiple devices, schedule specific email time during the day while you are at your computer. All other time is […]

Organize Your Job Search

Are you thinking of changing jobs? Maybe you’ve just started your search. Click on the link below to hear Professional Organizing Expert, Deanne Kelleher and Anne Carbert (Career Changing Strategist) discuss tips to help keep the information organized. Get Organized! | Anne Carbert. “Career Smarts” Sheet: Deanne Kelleher Download the “Career Smarts” tips sheet including […]

Delay Emails from Sending

In a recent conversation with Sandy and Janis from Conext I was informed of an easy way to postpone sending your emails called delay sending. . This is one more reason why we tell our clients to ask their peers their favorite feature in Outlook because you’ll learn about incredible options you didn’t know existed.

A Look at Online Backup Services

Over the past few years more and more companies and individuals have begun managing their important matters online in “the cloud” as opposed to keeping documents stored on their computer or local servers. It started years ago with people using online mail services like Hotmail or Gmail. Now companies are storing mission critical applications in […]

Reduce your learning curve – overview session of Office 2010?

Did you just upgrade to Microsoft Office 2010 or are you thinking of upgrading but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Then join us on Tuesday November 15th from 10am – 11:30am (EST – Toronto Time) and learn about Office 2010. This webinar is for you if you want to learn: • how to […]

The Grass is Greener…not always

Have you ever heard the saying ‘the grass is greener on the other side’? Have you ever gone to the other side only to realize that the saying is wrong? This is the experience of many jack rabbits of productivity – you know the jack rabbits, they are the people that jump from one new […]