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Your Money – Organized!

Do you find yourself wondering about investments and expenses every time a friend talks about the expense of sending one of their children off to university? Do you feel completely confident with how you track your office, car and business expenses? The two statements above are about short-term money and long-term money and most importantly […]

Passwords and Passwords and More Passwords

With so many passwords to remember and not such a great memory for remembering I started and Excel Document quite a few years ago. I have since created multiple sheets. Allow me to give you an idea just how many passwords I have and how I’ve grouped the information within the sheets and how I […]

Winning at Email

Have you ever felt like you just spent 8 hours on email? What a painful way to feel about your day – unless you’re absolutely elated that you just cleared ten thousand emails from your inbox. One of the biggest challenges with emails can be those darn links – you click on a link and […]

Please stop blaming your email

The love/hate that people feel towards their email inbox seems to be a case of redirected anger. They can’t get control over it so they get mad at it because they don’t know how to get it under control. Or, worse yet, they’ve read the books and attended the courses but they continue to work […]

Shred and File

I read this great article called ‘Put Your Paper Shredders and File Cabinets to Work and had to pass it along to my community. It reminded me of a client who recently finished all the shredding in the office (not enough to warrant a shredding company like Shred It) and was elated at how easy […]

Empty your Inbox: Process and organize your email more efficiently

There are literally hundreds of ways to manage your email. The more options you have the more easily it will be to choose the way that works best for you. Here is an excerpt from Microsoft on Organizing Outlook 2. Schedule uninterrupted time to process and organize email. How many times are you interrupted every […]

Organize Your Job Search

Are you thinking of changing jobs? Maybe you’ve just started your search. Click on the link below to hear Professional Organizing Expert, Deanne Kelleher and Anne Carbert (Career Changing Strategist) discuss tips to help keep the information organized. Get Organized! | Anne Carbert. “Career Smarts” Sheet: Deanne Kelleher Download the “Career Smarts” tips sheet including […]

Delay Emails from Sending

In a recent conversation with Sandy and Janis from Conext I was informed of an easy way to postpone sending your emails called delay sending. . This is one more reason why we tell our clients to ask their peers their favorite feature in Outlook because you’ll learn about incredible options you didn’t know existed.

Documented Processes – Key to Business Success

This is a wonderful addition to the Expert Organizing Blog from our associates at Your Planning Partners Processes have a bad rap. They are seen by many as the administrative overhead that suck the life out of large organizations. But the reality is without processes nothing will work. Invoices cannot be issued. New clients cannot […]

A Look at Online Backup Services

Over the past few years more and more companies and individuals have begun managing their important matters online in “the cloud” as opposed to keeping documents stored on their computer or local servers. It started years ago with people using online mail services like Hotmail or Gmail. Now companies are storing mission critical applications in […]

The Grass is Greener…not always

Have you ever heard the saying ‘the grass is greener on the other side’? Have you ever gone to the other side only to realize that the saying is wrong? This is the experience of many jack rabbits of productivity – you know the jack rabbits, they are the people that jump from one new […]

No Way! Not Today

I must admit that I feel overwhelmed sometimes and the only thing that brings me back on track is knowing exactly what I need to do (the To-Do list), figuring out how long things will take me (not including the 5 hours for procrastination), and then scheduling each item so that it gets done. People […]

Taxes and Peace of Mind – Make a Move!

The words ‘taxes’ and ‘peace of mind’ aren’t always words that we utter in the same sentence. Although with an effective tracking system you could. Organizers, Lawyers and Accountants At kAos Group we work with business’ and create tracking systems that cater to their needs and functionality. We also have a growing number of lawyers […]

Career Transition? Organizing for the Search

Listen to the discussion with Anne Carbert Career Counsellor & Transition Coach to help you get organized for your job search or career change. This interview was such a pleasure for us. Anne has pulled together so much information to support individuals in their transition: Get Organized! Tips for Career Changers and Job Seekers Downloads […]

Organizing Computer Documents – the productivity killer no one wants to discuss

Organizing your computer documents isn’t part of corporate training or an entrepreneurs operational manual. Just like document naming methodology isn’t a conversation around the water cooler. It seems to be a general assumption, in the business world, that individuals just know how to organize their computer documents. However, this is one productivity killer that no-one […]