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Take the Quiz – Organized, Money and Happiness

One Grand Idea....

Could You Make More Money if you  Worked with a Professional Organizer? Quick Quiz To help our readers understand the scope of the Professional Organizing services offered by kAos Group, we’ve compiled this simple quiz. 1. Read each section, check mark each statement that resonate with you and add them up at the end. 2. […]

Organize Your Work Space

I think they’ve covered every area of a work space in this awesome article. Work surface Task Lighting Filing System In-Box Desktop Organizers Concealed Storage Drawer Organizers Notepad Happy Accessories Hidden Cords Plus they included where you can buy the items they featured! Click here to read the article More awesome storage ideas from See […]

How to Amplify Your Productivity with One App

Want to know why everyone is touting the virtues of Evernote? Because it really is AMAZING! If you haven’t yet tried this app, then read on. And if you are already using it, read on to find out how to further boost your productivity with a feature that you may not even be aware of. […]

Office Decluttering – not my ideas but they’re good

I  could give you my ideas on decluttering your office but I just had to share what lifehacker posted because they have some pretty great ideas in this 10 tips list. Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to get us started and this article could do the trick. If it doesn’t just give us […]

Get going with your Google calendar

With the use of the internet search engine plus my subscriptions to some of the worlds greatest productivity, technology and organizing people I have a substantial amount of resources at my finger tips. What I don’t know i learn and then happily share with those who want to get more done with less stress. If […]

Productive new app or great way to procrastinate?

The next time you begin to download that super cool new app to help you “get organized” ask yourself what isn’t working within your existing system that’s inspired you to spend time downloading and learning a new app. It might be easier to tweak what you already use instead of spending time learning something new. […]

Time Tips – You can be effective in spite of ADHD characteristics

I recently had the pleasure (and let me be honest – the honor) of being on a panel with Harold Taylor – Canada’s Time Management expert. Here is a great post by him – scroll down to see how you can subscribe to his newsletters. You can be effective in spite of ADHD characteristics By […]

Quick Tip for Organizing Paper

When Organizing Paper – group all like items together and file separately. Sounds funny but think of it this way. You’ll group all your bills that need to be paid together until they’re paid – once paid you can file them in their appropriate folders. Some may go into a “tax related” folder or a […]

Productivity Apps Galore!!

If you are looking for more productivity app ideas then this is the place for you! I am fortunate enough to be part of a powerful community of Professional Organizers who contribute different topics to Janet Braclay who then pulls tons this vast amount of content together and publishes it monthly. Many of her monthly […]

Task Management – Your Life Line to Remembering Everything Else

You need to book a dentist appointment in 6 months or you need to follow up with a potential lead in 5 weeks…. you don’t actually keep those reminders rolling around in your head do you? It’s really common that once people find out what I do they want to share the tools they use […]

Quick Organizing Facts and Links

Every month (give or take a few), since 2006, we’ve publish the Organized Lifestyle Magazine. Some editions are robust as I feel the urge to fill the four sections (Home, Office, Time and Spirit) with information, links and tips to empower individuals and teams to take back the reins on any one thing that is […]

Tax Preparation – Beyond the documents

It’s hard enough knowing that your documents aren’t in order but then you read an article like this one and you start questioning your accountant. Do you remember your accountant? That guy or gal who you speak to once a year when you send them your tax documents and then they invoice you, you pay […]

Small Space Offices and Other Small Space Organizing Ideas

What really matters in your office is that you’ve got what you need within arms reach. If you are wondering where to set up your office in a small space remember to inventory what you need it to hold and what types of supplies you’ll need handy. Take a look at this article about small […]

What’s Your Space Doing to Your Productivity?

Your space is supposed to give you a healthy and happy place to be productive. If it’s not then read through some strategies to get you well on your way in this edition of the Organized Lifestyle Magazine You can also head over to meet Mette and learn more about Danish Design in Canada and […]