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The Organized Lifestyle Magazine – Break Free and Start

It was a pleasure for us to launch our 100th edition of the Organized Lifestyle Magazine. Click here to read the edition. The focus was  on sharing a selection of  links to websites and people we love. The links are intended to provide inspiration, ideas, tips, tricks and tools to help you get organized and […]

Get It Done – Schedule, Delay, Delete

Imagine a time when you were juggling multiple things at once that were all very important (for some of you it could have been yesterday). You may have been juggling a mixture of a difficult personal situation, an aging parent, a very sick friend or relative, a failed project at work, a death, a demanding […]

The Sex Appeal of Email

Of course I have work to do but skimming my 156 emails from yesterday has this … dare I say, sex appeal. If you Google “what is sex appeal?” wikihow.com says that “sex appeal is, by nature, almost undefinable” … then goes on to explain how it’s a “nebulous quality that draws you to someone […]

Free Your Mind from Forgetting – Agendas are Awesome!

Of course you’d expect me, a Professional Organizer, to make a statement like “agendas are awesome”. But I’m not saying that just because my agenda keeps me organized. I’m saying that because of the clarity of knowing what I’m supposed to be doing and when I’m supposed to be doing it provides me. Allow me […]

Quick Organizing Facts and Links

Every month (give or take a few), since 2006, we’ve publish the Organized Lifestyle Magazine. Some editions are robust as I feel the urge to fill the four sections (Home, Office, Time and Spirit) with information, links and tips to empower individuals and teams to take back the reins on any one thing that is […]

What’s Your Space Doing to Your Productivity?

Your space is supposed to give you a healthy and happy place to be productive. If it’s not then read through some strategies to get you well on your way in this edition of the Organized Lifestyle Magazine You can also head over to meet Mette and learn more about Danish Design in Canada and […]

High Priorities and Your Time

Do you have the best intentions to focus your time on the high priority activities but find find yourself spending valuable time on the low priority tasks? Research has shown that people tend to work on the low priority tasks because they have a fear that they will be forgotten. This can be prevented through […]

Don’t be ridicilous! Three Steps??

It sounds absolutely ridiculous when I read how overly simple people try to make getting organized out to be. I’ve read “in these 3 steps” or “in 5 minutes a day” and then I’m promised all the upsides of what being organized will do for me. I agree with the benefits of being organized but […]

Calendar versus Tasks

An appointment in your calendar versus a task. We use calendars so we know what we need to show up for but where do you keep track of all the tasks….. by tasks I mean the tiny action items that require time to execute but don’t necessarily get scheduled into the calendar? A task can […]

Your Money – Organized!

Do you find yourself wondering about investments and expenses every time a friend talks about the expense of sending one of their children off to university? Do you feel completely confident with how you track your office, car and business expenses? The two statements above are about short-term money and long-term money and most importantly […]

Winning at Email

Have you ever felt like you just spent 8 hours on email? What a painful way to feel about your day – unless you’re absolutely elated that you just cleared ten thousand emails from your inbox. One of the biggest challenges with emails can be those darn links – you click on a link and […]

Motivation isn’t the problem – great tips for follow through

I really enjoy reading Peter Bregman’s columns. In this article he speaks to the truth of the matter of motivation and provides some practical tips for following through. If you think motivation is a challenge for you this article might help you realize that you are motivated (you can pat yourself on the back now) […]

Shred and File

I read this great article called ‘Put Your Paper Shredders and File Cabinets to Work and had to pass it along to my community. It reminded me of a client who recently finished all the shredding in the office (not enough to warrant a shredding company like Shred It) and was elated at how easy […]

Tips to Fight Email Overload

About.com has advise on just about everything which can get overwhelming if your searching their site for good articles. I have found a few writers whose articles I really enjoy, Alyssa Gregory is one of them. In this article she provides us with some tips on How to Fight Email Overload If you like one […]

Auctions to Buy or Sell Your Valuables and Inventory

Trusted experts in managing the sale of goods from residential downsizing, estate sale, relocation or business inventory reduction. YouBidLocal makes selling easy and stress free. Their end to end service includes photography, cataloguing, management of your sale online, organization of your preview and pick up and more. They will also market your items for you. […]