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Motivation isn’t the problem – great tips for follow through

I really enjoy reading Peter Bregman’s columns. In this article he speaks to the truth of the matter of motivation and provides some practical tips for following through. If you think motivation is a challenge for you this article might help you realize that you are motivated (you can pat yourself on the back now) […]

Tips to Fight Email Overload

About.com has advise on just about everything which can get overwhelming if your searching their site for good articles. I have found a few writers whose articles I really enjoy, Alyssa Gregory is one of them. In this article she provides us with some tips on How to Fight Email Overload If you like one […]

A Container Garden – so beautiful!

I love gardening BUT there are times when I choose to let the experts help me out. At the Container Garden Company they design, deliver, install and maintain the interior and exterior gardens for residential and commercial clients in Toronto and the GTA. If you have questions give Penni a call at 416 461-0514 or […]

4 questions to help you plan this year’s content

Barb Sawyers of Sticky Communications and author of Write Like You Talk Only Better has given me a framework to follow so that I don’t ramble on and put my readers to sleep (I don’t always follow the rules :)) but thank goodness for her easy-to-follow systems that strengthen what I offer. Read her blog: […]

Reduce your learning curve – overview session of Office 2010?

Did you just upgrade to Microsoft Office 2010 or are you thinking of upgrading but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Then join us on Tuesday November 15th from 10am – 11:30am (EST – Toronto Time) and learn about Office 2010. This webinar is for you if you want to learn: • how to […]

Looking for Business Growth? Six Areas to Measure

I was honored to present the first session at the National POC Conference to 130 of my esteemed colleagues. Of course I was a little nervous but those nerves quickly fell away as I dove into the details that most business owners never publicly admit they struggle with. Here’s a quick recap if you weren’t […]

Paper in – Paper out can be a tough job to manage in a any household.

Consider the following tips to help you keep it under control. Step One: Create an ‘incoming’ mail area near the front door, in the front hall closet, or in a mail only area in the kitchen so you can put the mail/paper directly into the “incoming only” area until you have time to open, review, […]

Productivity Tip – Are You Struggling to “Get Caught Up”?

It’s always a pleasure for me to share practical yet powerful information from others in the industry whom I respect. To read the McGhee Productivity Solutions newsletter click here. Or, simply skim through this insightful article. Are you still trying to get it ALL done? By: Jennifer Wilmoth, McGhee Senior Consultant ________________________________________ One of the […]

An Exit Strategy for Clutter

The article is called Clutter: What if it Hurts to Let Go? The author Christy Farr provides a clear and very real example of the emotions attached to letting go of ‘things’. Christy even includes a step-by-step process to help individuals create a practical exit strategy. Excellent read! “The stuff is locked into the feelings […]

Absurd Oversimplification of Getting Organized

Seriously, Three Steps? It sounds absolutely ridiculous when I read how overly simple people try to make getting organized out to be. I’ve read “in these 3 steps” or “in 5 minutes a day” and then I’m promised all the upsides of what being organized will do for me. I agree with the benefits of […]

Investment Strategy – Get Organized

If reviewing your financial plan and knowing your net worth and liquid net worth are on your mind then you’ll need to ensure a few things are in place before you call an advisor. Having your documents organized is definitely helpful says Investment Advisor, Minday Mok, MBA (Mindy.Mok@nbpcd.com)as we spoke about how she and her […]

Exactly half of the year is now over. List 10 things you want to do before 2012 begins.

I’m sitting in the office with the morning sun peeking though the trees and I’m reflecting on what I’ve accomplished this month….reviewing my goals and measuring how I’ve done. I do this every month for my business BUT this morning I’m reviewing ALL my goals. I have books I want to read and movies I’d […]

Career Transition? Organizing for the Search

Listen to the discussion with Anne Carbert Career Counsellor & Transition Coach to help you get organized for your job search or career change. This interview was such a pleasure for us. Anne has pulled together so much information to support individuals in their transition: Get Organized! Tips for Career Changers and Job Seekers Downloads […]