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Free Your Mind from Forgetting – Agendas are Awesome!

Of course you’d expect me, a Professional Organizer, to make a statement like “agendas are awesome”. But I’m not saying that just because my agenda keeps me organized. I’m saying that because of the clarity of knowing what I’m supposed to be doing and when I’m supposed to be doing it provides me. Allow me […]

Still wrestling with time management?

I Googled “Time Management” and got over 1 billion hits in less than 26 seconds so, don’t worry you’re not alone! The problem isn’t that you have a challenge but rather that you can’t talk about it at work (for many obvious reasons) or with your family or loved one’s because they probably seem used […]

Time Savers and Increased Productivity

Sharpen the Tool Getting a grip on our sometimes challenging relationship with time can seem like a daunting task. You get a system set up and then suddenly a wrench is thrown into the wheel. We all know what that’s like! Try these steps for creating a healthy relationship with ‘time’. Accept that some days […]

Clear up your Credit Card Clutter

We’re coming up quickly on the holiday season – a wonderful time for spending time with friends and family and we all know that a little gift giving is often included. I know those little receipts from the stores and those silly bills the credit card companies send us each month can get a little […]

Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals

We are so pleased to share with our community more information about eMbody Fitness, an empowering club here in Toronto. They will help you organize a plan that is perfectly customized for you and support you each step of the way. This exceptional personal fitness experience embodies everything you want most in an exclusive, luxurious, […]

Tips to Fight Email Overload

About.com has advise on just about everything which can get overwhelming if your searching their site for good articles. I have found a few writers whose articles I really enjoy, Alyssa Gregory is one of them. In this article she provides us with some tips on How to Fight Email Overload If you like one […]

Clearing closets helps shed pounds?

Does clearing out space create room for new ……or help you shed pounds? In a recent impromptu conversation on Facebook with David Cohen he openly shared with me that after clearing out his closets he weighed in 4 kilos lighter at Weight Watchers that week. Is there a connection, you ask? David says “I believe […]

Looking for Business Growth? Six Areas to Measure

I was honored to present the first session at the National POC Conference to 130 of my esteemed colleagues. Of course I was a little nervous but those nerves quickly fell away as I dove into the details that most business owners never publicly admit they struggle with. Here’s a quick recap if you weren’t […]

Investment Strategy – Get Organized

If reviewing your financial plan and knowing your net worth and liquid net worth are on your mind then you’ll need to ensure a few things are in place before you call an advisor. Having your documents organized is definitely helpful says Investment Advisor, Minday Mok, MBA (Mindy.Mok@nbpcd.com)as we spoke about how she and her […]

Your Donations = Employment

Did you know that one bicycle, one coat and one DVD provides a person with one hour of on-the-job training; one working computer provides 5.3 hours of career counseling and six shirts and two pairs of jeans provide one hour of a job search class. Goodwill has officially launched its Donation Impact Calculator that shows […]

Social Media – Signs that your doing it wrong and expert advise to do it right!

A strategy is meant to outline the means to achieving a specific goal – not to choose an exclusive tactic for execution, which may or may not be the best way to reach that goal. If you create a marketing strategy, or a communications strategy, or a customer service strategy, these may include social media […]

Going Green How to Be Eco-Friendlier – love this by Air Miles

Making sustainable choices doesn’t have to mean making huge changes in the way you live. Resolving to live “greener” can be as simple as making day-to-day choices — about what we buy, what we eat, what we use or how we live — that are easy to do and better for the environment. Here are […]

Liberate Your Library

An assortment of Professional Organizers weight in with their thoughts on the urge to purge. I particularly liked the advise for organizing a library by Chris McKenry of Get it Together LA. Purging: Some people would consider it a sacrilege to ever get rid of a book, but if you’ve decided it’s time to winnow, […]

Cool Places to Donate Your Stuff

We’ve been in the Professional Organizing business for quite a few years and the list of donation/recycle places has grown to a 5 page document. I thought I’d take a moment and post a selection of businesses that gladly accept your reusable items – of all sorts. Feel free to send this along to your […]