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Support Yard Sale for the Cure & Clear Your Clutter

Support Yard Sale for the Cure & Clear Your Clutter. 1-800-GOT-JUNK? is busy collecting gently used household items that are cluttering your home, we will clean, store and sell these items Saturday May 28th and donate all proceeds to breast cancer research and treatment. Since 2005 Yard Sale for the Cure has raised $750,000. Book […]

It Takes Focus

One of the common attributes of successful people, whether they are athletes, entertainers, or business leaders, is their ability to focus. They are able to concentrate all of their attention and energy on the right things in the right way. They are focus gurus…… “To make a great dream come true … you must first […]

Tips to Find Your Shorts Amid Your Sweaters

Here is a wonderful contribution from our friend Tamara Glick of Trademark Image Consulting to help our readers sort the seasonal clothes and manage your visual message. When that first day of warm weather hits, when the breeze is just right and the sky is a bright, clear blue, I’m always compelled by thoughts of […]

Planning Translates to Dollars and Increased Productivity

Not only does time spent planning save you money but it’s estimated that each minute spent in planning saves ten minutes in execution. That’s a thousand-percent return on the time and energy you invest, according to Brian Tracey of Time Power, New York. The challenge is carving out the time required to accurately plan. Here […]

Steps to Organizing Your Closet

What will I wear today? Where are those shoes that go perfectly with this outfit? What did I do with that necklace? Where is that tie? Do you have this conversation in your head or even worse, out loud, more mornings than you care to admit? We have business dressy, business casual, household casual, sport […]

Part Two: Organizing Your Digital Life in the Globe and Mail

Lynn Greiner is writing a four-part series on organizing your digital life featured in the Globe and Mail. In part two Lynn explores organizing digital documents. “The first thing you need to do is come up with a method that makes sense for your business. Create a framework that defines a folder structure, naming convention […]

Is There a ‘best way’ to Get and Stay Organized?

Have you ever heard the saying ‘the grass is greener on the other side’? Have you ever gone to the other side only to realize that the saying is wrong? This is the experience of many jack rabbits of productivity – you know the jack rabbits, they are the people that jump from one new […]

5 Quick Reads to Organize, Optimize and Profit

Click on the link below to read through this months Acclaim Magazine from Canadian Association of Executives and Entrepreneurs (CAWEE): 1. Tips for office systems that will make things simpler, 2. Great info about your financial tracking, 3. Steps to help you spring cleaning your wardrobe, 4. Insiders info on what’s in fashion for spring […]

Backyard Reno Planning Starts Now!

If you want to enjoy a new backyard all summer long, now is the right time to start planning for it! Here are some things to consider about your existing fence, deck, patio or storage shed: • Does it just need a little maintenance? • Major renovation? Or • Should it be replaced completely? If […]

Simplify Your Entrance

Coming Home to Calm A consistent place to put your keys and the mail when you walk in the door will make life easier on a day-to-day basis. Keys and Mail You need a consistent place to put your keys and the mail when you walk in your front door. This Luns writing/magnetic board from […]

Simplify the Little Things

Perpetual calendars and buying in bulk Wine – Consider purchasing a case or two of your favorite wine so you limit time spent going to the store. Gifts – Ordering on-line saves time or purchase extras and keep them in a Rubbermaid Container. You can keep a selection of cards, tissue and gift wrap in […]

Organize Your Personality Type

Organizing your life isn’t about re-inventing the wheel – it is about finding a method that works for you and implementing it. It’s about having systems that you are comfortable with so that you’ll use them. It’s about working with someone who wants to learn about you, understand how you process information and then arrange […]

Tax Time Organizing

It’s time to get last year’s documents out of your filing cabinet, prep your tax information, and archive all pertinent paper work. If you are overwhelmed at the thought or not sure where to start just follow these directions and you will be well on your way. 1. Start with the right supplies • Hanging […]

Downsizing, moving or estate clearing – what do I do with the memorabilia?

Downsizing, moving or estate clearing – what do I do with the memorabilia? This can be an emotional time for family and planning ahead can alleviate many difficult situations. However, if planning ahead isn’t an option, here are a few suggestions: • Create a list of items to be disbursed and included photos. Gather family […]

Sharpen the Tool

Getting a grip on our sometimes challenging relationship with time can seem like a daunting task. You get a system set up and then suddenly a wrench is thrown into the wheel. We all know what that’s like! Try these steps for creating a healthy relationship with ‘time’. 1. Accept that some days you will […]

A Paper Flow Solution

Did you know the average person spends 4 minutes per hour looking for something in their office…. the end result of 4 minutes per working hour is more than 3 weeks per year! Here are a few tips to help you organize your papers. 1. Start with the kAos Group Core Four System to gather […]

Filing System Update and 2011 Prep = 2hrs 45 mins….and done!

Yesterday I timed the update and preparation of my 2011 files in my existing filing cabinet. Now, that might not sound like the most fun thing for you to do but since I am a Professional Organizer it’s imperative that I am able to support, inform and educate my clients on the approximate timing of […]