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Office Decluttering – not my ideas but they’re good

I  could give you my ideas on decluttering your office but I just had to share what lifehacker posted because they have some pretty great ideas in this 10 tips list. Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to get us started and this article could do the trick. If it doesn’t just give us […]

Get going with your Google calendar

With the use of the internet search engine plus my subscriptions to some of the worlds greatest productivity, technology and organizing people I have a substantial amount of resources at my finger tips. What I don’t know i learn and then happily share with those who want to get more done with less stress. If […]

Closet organizing to fit every life stage

Your family is growing and so is your closet! A pregnant mother means multiple sizes and seasons of clothing, a newborn means lots of onesies and sleep blankets and a toddler means plenty of changes of clothes. There are the day-to-day clothes, the athletic wear, Sunday best and clothes for the cottage. While you’re keeping […]

Enjoy a Fresh Style in Your Closet this Season

As we get our kids set for school and psych ourselves up for another fall season, there’s no better time than now for a closet make-over. So, before you head out on a shopping trip for new clothes check out what you ‘need’. If you’ve already shopped (because really, who hasn’t :)) still consider following […]

Calendar versus Tasks

We use calendars so we know what we need to show up for but where do you keep track of all the tasks….. by tasks I mean the tiny action items that require time to execute but don’t necessarily get scheduled into the calendar? A task can be a call you need to make tomorrow […]

Kitchen organzing can be priceless

Industry experts say that a well renovated kitchen can increase the resale value of a home by 20% – 25%. But, if you aren’t selling your home any time soon you might want to consider organizing and optimizing your kitchen to best suit your immediate needs. Organizing inside the cupboards, pantry, fridge and freezer can […]

Tweaking your entrance

Getting organized is a very personal thing. What feels out-of-place, disorganized or cluttered to one person may go completely unnoticed by another. The most important point is to identify exactly what feels out-of-place or cluttered and work on that one area specifically. Often times, individuals come home and throw down the keys, the mail, drop […]

Still wrestling with time management?

I Googled “Time Management” and got over 1 billion hits in less than 26 seconds so, don’t worry you’re not alone! The problem isn’t that you have a challenge but rather that you can’t talk about it at work (for many obvious reasons) or with your family or loved one’s because they probably seem used […]

Quick Tip for Organizing Paper

When Organizing Paper – group all like items together and file separately. Sounds funny but think of it this way. You’ll group all your bills that need to be paid together until they’re paid – once paid you can file them in their appropriate folders. Some may go into a “tax related” folder or a […]

Productivity Apps Galore!!

If you are looking for more productivity app ideas then this is the place for you! I am fortunate enough to be part of a powerful community of Professional Organizers who contribute different topics to Janet Braclay who then pulls tons this vast amount of content together and publishes it monthly. Many of her monthly […]

Task Management – Your Life Line to Remembering Everything Else

You need to book a dentist appointment in 6 months or you need to follow up with a potential lead in 5 weeks…. you don’t actually keep those reminders rolling around in your head do you? It’s really common that once people find out what I do they want to share the tools they use […]

Benchmarking Our Lives

Companies use benchmarking to identify the weaknesses within an organization and improve upon them, with the idea of becoming the “best of the best.” A retail manager will analyze sales, returns, profit margins, cost per square foot, and return on investment, comparing them to established benchmarks in order to make decisions about which promotions they […]

Wondering what ‘agendize’ actually means?

I’ve always loved the name of Nick and Judi’s company because it’s exactly what they do and they do it really well – Your Planning Partners. So you can imagine how great it felt when they asked me to contribute to their blog. Initially I thought we’d explore the all too common love hate relationship […]