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Organizing Papers – Horizonal versus Vertical…you’re both right!

I totally understand that paper in your home can get totally out of control. And really there are only two options to whip it into shape – Vertically  (generally hanging file systems) or horizontally (often referred to as piles or stacks). Neither is right or wrong as long as it works for you and you enjoy […]

Tax Preparation – Beyond the documents

It’s hard enough knowing that your documents aren’t in order but then you read an article like this one and you start questioning your accountant. Do you remember your accountant? That guy or gal who you speak to once a year when you send them your tax documents and then they invoice you, you pay […]

Tax Record Retention Made Easier

If you don’t subscribe to our newsletter you would have missed this article on tax record retention…. here it is for you. This is the time of year when many of us are working on our tax returns – or are just starting to think about it! Whatever stage you are at, one important question […]

Shred and File

I read this great article called ‘Put Your Paper Shredders and File Cabinets to Work and had to pass it along to my community. It reminded me of a client who recently finished all the shredding in the office (not enough to warrant a shredding company like Shred It) and was elated at how easy […]