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Calendar versus Tasks

An appointment in your calendar versus a task. We use calendars so we know what we need to show up for but where do you keep track of all the tasks….. by tasks I mean the tiny action items that require time to execute but don’t necessarily get scheduled into the calendar? A task can […]

Stop the rattling around with a To-do list

I know you have a list, a pile and things rattling around in your head that must be done. Those to-do’s, actions and tasks that keep you employed will hopefully get done first. But what happens to everything else in the meantime? What’s rattling around in your head? The light bulb in the fridge that […]

Winning at Email

Have you ever felt like you just spent 8 hours on email? What a painful way to feel about your day – unless you’re absolutely elated that you just cleared ten thousand emails from your inbox. One of the biggest challenges with emails can be those darn links – you click on a link and […]

Motivation isn’t the problem – great tips for follow through

I really enjoy reading Peter Bregman’s columns. In this article he speaks to the truth of the matter of motivation and provides some practical tips for following through. If you think motivation is a challenge for you this article might help you realize that you are motivated (you can pat yourself on the back now) […]

Shred and File

I read this great article called ‘Put Your Paper Shredders and File Cabinets to Work and had to pass it along to my community. It reminded me of a client who recently finished all the shredding in the office (not enough to warrant a shredding company like Shred It) and was elated at how easy […]

Delay Emails from Sending

In a recent conversation with Sandy and Janis from Conext I was informed of an easy way to postpone sending your emails called delay sending. . This is one more reason why we tell our clients to ask their peers their favorite feature in Outlook because you’ll learn about incredible options you didn’t know existed.

Looking for Business Growth? Six Areas to Measure

I was honored to present the first session at the National POC Conference to 130 of my esteemed colleagues. Of course I was a little nervous but those nerves quickly fell away as I dove into the details that most business owners never publicly admit they struggle with. Here’s a quick recap if you weren’t […]

A New Look at Office Configurations

In this article you’ll get a quick overview of the changing ‘office’ landscape – from the bullpen to co-working, desk sharing and even hoteling…there are certainly some fuel savers amongst the options. Let’s remember the home office too – here are some tips to help you sort the papers and get an effective filing system […]

Treat Every Task as Three Steps, Not One

Great 60 second read from the Harvard Business Review. “Most managers complain of not having enough time. They rush through tasks so they can move on to the next thing. But this kind of haste creates more chaos than it avoids. Instead, approach every task in three parts: Prep-Do-Review. Spend a minute or two, or […]

An Exit Strategy for Clutter

The article is called Clutter: What if it Hurts to Let Go? The author Christy Farr provides a clear and very real example of the emotions attached to letting go of ‘things’. Christy even includes a step-by-step process to help individuals create a practical exit strategy. Excellent read! “The stuff is locked into the feelings […]

Absurd Oversimplification of Getting Organized

Seriously, Three Steps? It sounds absolutely ridiculous when I read how overly simple people try to make getting organized out to be. I’ve read “in these 3 steps” or “in 5 minutes a day” and then I’m promised all the upsides of what being organized will do for me. I agree with the benefits of […]

Investment Strategy – Get Organized

If reviewing your financial plan and knowing your net worth and liquid net worth are on your mind then you’ll need to ensure a few things are in place before you call an advisor. Having your documents organized is definitely helpful says Investment Advisor, Minday Mok, MBA (Mindy.Mok@nbpcd.com)as we spoke about how she and her […]

Delegation can mean that you’ll be an Employer – Do you know the law?

In a conversation with Nancy Shapiro (nshapiro@kmlaw.ca) at Koskie Minsky LLP experts in Employment Law, she provided us with six incredible tips to help those who are considering becoming an employer. 1. Visit the Ministry of Labour Website • educate yourself on your obligations as an employer • but remember these are the minimums only […]

Liberate Your Library

An assortment of Professional Organizers weight in with their thoughts on the urge to purge. I particularly liked the advise for organizing a library by Chris McKenry of Get it Together LA. Purging: Some people would consider it a sacrilege to ever get rid of a book, but if you’ve decided it’s time to winnow, […]

Feeling Behind the Eight Ball? Overwhelmed with Where to Begin?

Overwhelmed with where to begin? This is a common description our clients use when describing where to start with…. clearing the Inbox, filing their paper work, completing the little tasks (that are now becoming a small mountain and a day’s worth of things to do), sorting through their closet, cleaning out the garage ….. and […]