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Don’t be ridicilous! Three Steps??

It sounds absolutely ridiculous when I read how overly simple people try to make getting organized out to be. I’ve read “in these 3 steps” or “in 5 minutes a day” and then I’m promised all the upsides of what being organized will do for me. I agree with the benefits of being organized but […]

Kids, Backpacks and Keepsakes

Our friends over at Teachers on Call are a 25-year-old personalized tutorial service, dedicated to helping students build academic skills, develop better study habits, improve self-confidence, and achieve success in school and life. Their tutors are professional teachers who deliver tutorial services in all subjects and at all academic levels, from preschool through university. Working […]

Stop the rattling around with a To-do list

I know you have a list, a pile and things rattling around in your head that must be done. Those to-do’s, actions and tasks that keep you employed will hopefully get done first. But what happens to everything else in the meantime? What’s rattling around in your head? The light bulb in the fridge that […]

Please stop blaming your email

The love/hate that people feel towards their email inbox seems to be a case of redirected anger. They can’t get control over it so they get mad at it because they don’t know how to get it under control. Or, worse yet, they’ve read the books and attended the courses but they continue to work […]

Delay Emails from Sending

In a recent conversation with Sandy and Janis from Conext I was informed of an easy way to postpone sending your emails called delay sending. . This is one more reason why we tell our clients to ask their peers their favorite feature in Outlook because you’ll learn about incredible options you didn’t know existed.