Taxes and Peace of Mind – Make a Move!

The words ‘taxes’ and ‘peace of mind’ aren’t always words that we utter in the same sentence. Although with an effective tracking system you could.

Organizers, Lawyers and Accountants
At kAos Group we work with business’ and create tracking systems that cater to their needs and functionality. We also have a growing number of lawyers and accountants who hire us to organize the tax related documents for their clients.

First Step to Organizing Documents

Our first suggestion (when speaking with a business owner) is to set up a system that supports and protects the business. The system needs to include a process for accurate paper tracking (from parking receipts to your assets), an aligned chart of accounts in the books, a competent bookkeeper and a strong accountant.

Your Next Step:
Assess your tracking system – are all the tax related documents sorted and organized year after year? If you were audited (I’m hoping that you never will be although in Canada more audits are happening to small business owners than ever before) would you be able to retrieve documents easily and without negatively affecting your day-to-day business.

If you’ve answered no, then consider dropping us a line at or 416.347.9002 or call your accountant and ask them for a referral to a seasoned Professional Organizer with strong business experience.

Search for other Professional Organizers – Professional Organizers of Canada website

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