As a business grows, even an organized person as myself can get snowed under. Dealing with customer relationship management, developing training materials and programs, getting my social media up and running properly as well as the usual administration, promotion and training made me feel very disorganized. In busy times I could hardly keep my head above water, let alone promote and move the company forward.

Deanne came in and helped me go through each area and find ways to systematize and delegate. One important focus was setting up an operations manual which included standards and templates which all employees use. Also planning for an on-line CRM has allowed me to delegate a lot of the follow up that was getting missed, ultimately increasing profitability.
With her vision, I have been able to use both in-office and virtual administrative support more often and more effectively. I can find things on my computers and put technology to better use.

Finally I found Deanne to be such a delight to work with. She is positive and uplifting and always left me feeling so energetic. So she did she prove herself to be great at what she does technically, by simplifying something that can seem so overwhelming, but she also gave me an amazing energy boost which carried me on through the work I needed to do after our meetings. I highly recommend her services. Heather Chetwynd, Founder, Voice to Word Consulting – English Communications Coach