I hired Deanne because I couldn’t get to my desk – it was covered with months of paper and I didn’t know where anything was. When Deanne arrived, there was no compromising – she knew what she had to do, she knew I wasn’t going to like the process, she knew I was going to be a challenge and she ignored it all and got to the job. Reluctantly, I followed. But the journey with her was remarkable – fast and efficient. Within hours, I could see my desk again. Within hours I was breathing at a normal pace. And that was just the beginning – After a few sessions I had an office that worked.
So bravely, I decided to take on the basement which was filled to capacity with useful uselessness. Clearing that out was much more difficult for me because I had to throw things away or give things away or sell things away. There was no compromising – everything had to have a home and if it couldn’t find a home with me, it found a home somewhere else. But again, she made it all doable. And she looked after it all. Things were carted away either by her or by someone else. I never lifted a finger. It all felt remarkably easy and now my basement has wide open spaces.
Even though I do not enjoy the process, I love working with Deanne – She makes me feel safe and protected at times when I feel extremely vulnerable. She is sensible, honest and caring – a real bonus in my personal and professional life.

Elaine Vine, Communication Architect