Tips to Find Your Shorts Amid Your Sweaters

Here is a wonderful contribution from our friend Tamara Glick of Trademark Image Consulting to help our readers sort the seasonal clothes and manage your visual message.

When that first day of warm weather hits, when the breeze is just right and
the sky is a bright, clear blue, I’m always compelled by thoughts of cleaning.
I know not everyone has the same rabid, ‘Monica Geller-esque’ desire to
break out the cleaning fluids, and even I’ve had a few anti-cleaning excuses
run through my head before, I wonder if they sound familiar to you?
‘But it’s SO much work!’
‘It might snow again in two weeks, why bother?’
‘Is gets SO much WORSE before it gets better….better leave well enough

Half way through June you’re wondering why you can’t find your shorts amid
your winter sweaters. Here are a few of Tips to break this big job into
manageable steps.

Trademark Tactics:
1. Start with your Fall/Winter clothes: Organizing and storing these items will
help you mentally prepare for the new season.

2. Move on to Spring/Summer, and decide if your wardrobe does the

* Flatter: Your body, today
* Fit: Your lifestyle needs/goals
* Flare: Make you HAPPY! (Have you worn it in the past two years?)

In this case, even two out of three may not be good enough. If they don’t
work, let them go.

3. Decide what to do with the things you’re moving away from. I have lots of
suggestions on how to Give Meaning to Spring Cleaning in my blog.

4. Divide your newly edited items into three categories: Reshelve, Revive,

5. The final step – once your Fall/Winter items have been tucked away, and
your Spring/Summer items fill up your closet happily, create your shopping
list for the season based on what needs to be replaced and what new items
you’d like to build into your style.

Article by: Tamara Glick, MBA
Trademark Image Consulting | T 647.404.5654

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