What you need to know about SEO – Search Engine Optimization

I learned so much about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from the team at Optimising the Melbourne SEO Experts that I asked them to send along some information that I could share.

What is SEO
SEO, or ‘search engine optimization’ describes a strategy for maximizing your online presence and visibility. It can be thought of as the virtual equivalent of a highway billboard or a shop front in a main street. SEO is superior and more efficient though, because it’s cheaper and you can actually target the consumer, meaning that it is much more efficient than physical advertising.

How to rank at the top
Most internet traffic is controlled and directed by search engines, such as Google. By catering to the algorithm that determines the order of search engine results, you ensure that your site is one of the first, highest ranking results in the consumer’s search and in turn traffic increases on your site. By making your site completely Google friendly and making sure that you are visible and accessible to the people who are searching for what you offer in Google, you maximize conversion.

I loved these tips to help consistently improve our site rankings:

This is probably the most important part – having it there.
Everything else you do can be thought of as just a way to serve up your content. Moreover, search engines pay close attention to which sites have quality content and which don’t because they want to serve-up the best results possible to searchers.

Quality links
Links are indispensable to the way you rank.
They make your site credible to the search engine, because links are considered as third-party votes for your site, making it popular. A well-ranking site will have relevant, good quality, and naturally sourced links.

Make it local!
Narrow your niche to consumers who are close to you and need what you offer.
You are aiming to get closer to consumers ready to make a buying decision. This is efficient, because it makes the return on your marketing investment as high as possible.

Test your options
You never know what customers like exactly.
If we did, business would be very easy. Small changes can have big impacts, so you should constantly test for reactions in different areas.

Spread your influence
Try things like social, Google SEO, Google Adwords. You never know which platform will work for your business.
Good SEO shouldn’t be underestimated. Twenty years ago you might have bought an ad in the phone book and hoped for the best. Now you can do better. If you need SEO tips consider Optimizing.

This link will take you to their ‘about’ page which seems to be true to the crew.

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