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It’s not lack of sleep that drains my energy but rather having to do the thing I dread the most that really leaves me droopy and fatigued. I’m sure you can related so let’s look at what ‘more energy’ means in your life and how you can get start building your energy bank account!

Step One:

Schedule 15 minutes to explore and capture what tasks do you do that simply drain your energy.
If you aren’t sure how to ‘capture’ these tasks simply visualize a day or two in your life and run through everything that you do each day. Think about the various tasks at home and at work.
Think about what you personally need in your life right now and how you can get more energy:
  • cooking better food,
  • taking lunches to work or
  • through exercise.
  • one more hour of sleep a night
  • hire someone to help you clean your house or do laundry.
What other types of jobs can people help you do to lighten your load – physically/emotionally?

Step Two:

Write the answers and ideas you come up with on a clean sheet of paper and answer the following questions:
  • Who can I call to help me?
  • When will I call them?
  • What am I going to ask them for?
  • How much money will I allocate to this project?
  • What supplies might I need?
  • When will I buy the supplies?
  • Who will be my accountability partner?

Step Three:

Schedule the action items from step two into your calendar and act on them.

If you think this is easier to read than to do, you are absolutely correct.

If it makes you feel overwhelmed, then I’ll ask you to rethink your choice because if you’re already thinking negatively about your choice you probably don’t want to do it.

Revisit the list you made in step one when you feel your energy dropping. Be kind to yourself and feel free to move things to the back burner until your energy regenerates.
Read this article “Feel Good Foods and Fire Alarms” for more insights into avoidance.

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