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If I read one more ‘3 Simple Steps’ or “just do this” to prepare for the holidays I might throw a full-on adult tantrum.

I can’t describe the pain that preaching the simplicity of organizing  causes people who struggle with the concept of getting organized. I read articles that say “in three simple steps” or “just organize …”. Those preachers might as well say “just eat right”, “just get over it” or “just lose 15 lbs”.
Instead, I present you with this approach. What if we began with empathy for other humans who are dealing with all the fast balls that life is throwing at them? Because we’ve all been there!
My gosh. If juggling work, family and trying to get enough sleep every night isn’t hard enough, then add in buying groceries, cooking and paying the monthly bills, together with producing your worth at work and trying to give all you can of yourself to those you love.
Here’s how the burnt rice ties into this story …
I’m not the greatest cook and one night my sister was over when I happened to burn the rice. Not completely charred but certainly not edible.
My sweet sister turned to me and said “rice is so easy to cook” and after a moment’s pause I cracked up laughing …. as I showed her the rice stuck to the pot I said “oh yeah, rice is so easy to cook”. By this time, my kids, my sister and I were all laughing.
This moment sparked a deeper conversation about how doing a supposedly simply task can be easier for one more than another.
And it got me thinking about why people call kAos Group for help with organizing and not for me to cook their rice.
My sister taught me the how to cook rice that day and I have since taught my children. Oh how proud I am of my children and my rice.
Since then, I have also helped people organize their personal and professional lives.


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