Drawer Organizing

The assortment of tiny drawers collecting lots of little things can certainly derail the most organized individual. These containers we call drawers fill up fast and yet we struggle to identify what’s actually inside!

Take a look at this video with Rebecca, the Host of Downright Domestic & Deanne from kAos Group sharing tips to organize drawers in your home.

Downright DomesticDownright Domestic – Organize Your Drawers

No need to count how many times I say ‘absolutely’ – I think I might have been a little nervous – ugggh! 

Give ‘Drawer Mapping’ a Try!

Nothing bursts the wind in my sail more quickly than not being able to find my SD card, the lint roller refills or the super cool kitchen utensil that we only use 4 times a year.   We created this fun activity that will help you group like items for easier access and long term organization.

Step One: Identify the type of drawer it will be.

Some examples might include:

  • Kitchen: BBQ tools, baking tools, utensils, cutlery, serving tools
  • Jewellery: necklaces – chunky & fine, bracelets, bangles, earrings, watches … 
  • Makeup: from brushes, to face, lips, eyes and everything in between
  • Hair Accessories:  need I say more?
  • Teeth tools: everything from extra tops for the electric brush to the selection of floss
  • Bathroom: some bathrooms have more drawers than cupboard
  • Home Office: pens, pencils, note pads
  • Undergarments: from casual to the fine pieces 
  • Sports shorts & leggings …


Step Two: Pick One Drawer & Tackle It!

Pick one drawer, empty it out, give it a good wipe to freshen it up and put your items back into the drawer sorted into groups – similar to keeping our cutlery sorted.

Step Three: Label It

Don’t expect your brain to remember everything you just sorted and organized – label it! This is a Brother P-Touch label maker – it’s the perfect tool to keep handy to label …. well, anything in the home! Minus the children and pets :).

Brother P-Touch