Get It Done – Schedule, Delay, Delete

Imagine a time when you were juggling multiple things at once that were all very important (for some of you it could have been yesterday). You may have been juggling a mixture of a difficult personal situation, an aging parent, a very sick friend or relative, a failed project at work, a death, a demanding boss, a birth, a divorce, a change of job or even a promotion at work. Each of these has the potential to be a stressor.  As humans, our initial response to stress is heightened senses and, from there, we move into fight or flight. Our bodies ever so beautifully go into protective mode.  Unfortunately, this mode doesn’t help us with the little things like our need for day-to-day organization or productivity. So what you might begin to notice are little things going wrong – missing appointments, constantly running late, feeling overwhelmed, not being able to focus, losing notes, paying bills late, kitchen lacks fresh fruit and vegetables, you struggle to find certain clothes because your closets are in disarray … a general sense of falling behind.

If you continue to juggle, because this is just the reality of our lives sometimes, without processes in place to support you (like calendars, a place for your bills, laundry systems effective task lists, and files for your paperwork) or time to tweak and refine areas of your home then the negative feelings will continue until you choose to make a change or until your life calms and the mind begins to think more clearly. This is usually when individuals decide they’d like systems that work in their lives.


Schedule –Schedule everything from your list into your calendar. Use a type of calendar that you are most comfortable with (paper or PDA) and allocate accurate start times and end times to each activity.

Group and Check Group like items together – shopping, cleaning your closet, errands, etc. and schedule them into your calendar. It’s important to celebrate your accomplishments – check them off when they are complete and move what isn’t completed to another day.

Review the List – Schedule. Delay. Delete – Review your master to list for tasks, reminders and ideas that still need to be done and ask yourself if you will schedule it in, delay it until next week, next month or next year or delete it entirely.


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