Living Space Organizing

Organize. Optimize. Relax.

It’s time to love your space again and kAos Group can help you. You can have a calm, functional and efficient home.

We notice that most people who call us have a life. That statement is funny and true. The part we don’t laugh at is how life sometimes catches us off-guard, or the tough times go on longer than we expected. I’ve had times where I (feel like I) can’t get ahead of the laundry, cleaning and cooking….and I don’t even cook that often! Let alone caring for children, teenagers, elders, partners and so much more.

And then I take a deep breath and lean into my systems.

Take a look at this list and ask your self, “which area do I want to tackle first?”

  • Home office
  • Paper of any and all sorts around my home
  • Personal filing systems
  • Tax Preparation
  • Living space (including kids’ rooms, playrooms, basements, living rooms)
  • Garages, work rooms and storage spaces
  • Cupboards and closets (including kitchens and bathrooms)
  • On-site and off-site storage
  • Moving – downsizing or upsizing

Take Action Now

There is no judgement – we all need a little help with something and the best part of working with kAos Group is that you’ll not only start the project, we’ll help you finish it too!