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It seems that people want their lives to be different but don’t changes things up to make ‘different’ results happen. I was one of those people but decided that I wanted more – for me!!

I took a good long look at why I didn’t want to change certain things and then worked through everything that would contribute to making one positive change (and am still working on the list).

Let’s say that you wanted more energy on a daily basis. What would that look like and how would you go about getting it?

Let’s work through how we can get more energy.

Step One: Schedule 15 minutes to decide how you can get more energy – will it be through how you cook? What you eat? By exercising? Hiring a cleaning person, getting more sleep or by finding people to help you physically/emotionally do what’s on your to-do list?

Step Two: Write the answer you came up with on a clean sheet of paper and answer the following questions: Who can I call to help me with my choice? When will I call them? What am I going to ask them for? How much money will I allocate to this project? What supplies might I need? When will I buy the supplies? Who will be my accountability partner?

Step Three:  Transfer your steps into your calendar and follow through.

If you think this is easier to read than to do you are absolutely correct. I’d then ask you to rethink your choice because if you are already thinking negatively about your choice you probably don’t want to do it.


Let me give you an example: Last year my husband and I tackled fall pruning ourselves. We bought the long pruning stick thing and set out into our back yard to prune the apple tree.  While I wrapped the blade around a thick branch and tried to cut it off, my ideas of this being a project that must get done turned into a project I wanted nothing to do with. It’s not because the work was hard but rather because I was not capable of doing the job well.

Needless to say we made an appointment with a professional and he’ll be caring for our yard this year. There is a fee attached to the job, of course, and we’re happy to pay a pro to do the work.

PS – If you’re a great pruner, please don’t judge me for me for not being one. Let’s not judge the choice of others and instead celebrate someone’s ability to figure out how to empower themselves by making choices that benefit them.

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