Your Home – Your Sanctuary

There are so many areas of a home that could be more organized. Even as a professional organizer, I need to decide which area will get tweaked and what my motivation is for choosing that specific area .

Below we’ve listed common areas of the home to get you thinking about which area you’ll choose to organize first and what the motivation might be.

  • The Kitchen
    • You want to eat a healthier diet
    • You find cooking is easier when you know what you have
    • You can save money by cooking more meals at home
  • The Closets
    • You want to know where to find your clothes and accessories
    • You want to put on clothes that have no wrinkles
    • You want to look good on casual Fridays
  • Your Home as Your Sanctuary
    • You want to feel calm and happy coming home at the end of the day

Can you say “I love my garage” or “I’m comfortable because I know where everything is in my garage/storage area”?


Maybe your motivation is to save money which means you will need to clear out your storage unit.


I want to organize __________ area of my home and my motivation is:   

1. ____________________________________________________________ 


2. ____________________________________________________________ 

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