About our Company


We have been empowering our clients to excel in their endeavours through dedicated service for over three decades.

Kaos Group was founded by Deanne Kelleher – a dynamic, engaging, creative, highly effective workflow and organizational expert, with great insight into the minds and challenges of BUSINESS LEADERS and ENTREPRENEURS. She has an innate sense of what will help them SUCCEED. Deanne is also an experienced teacher, speaker and facilitator.

Kaos Group was shaped around Deanne’s ability to listen without judgment, pull out clients’ true pain points and create customized systems based on their desires, environment and tools. Deanne will implement these systems with their teams and often extend them to personal areas like the home.

We exist to free talented people from the weight of what’s not working so they can flourish.

Kaos Group Tools

Assessment, Collaborative Identification, Tailored Optimization, Comprehensive Support

Organization is much more than filing and sorting. Creative and practical solutions are the deliverables that ultimately help our clients achieve personal and professional goals.

  • Proprietary assessment tool used during Insight Sessions: provides profound clarity into strengths and weaknesses, generates a road map with action items, and has cost/benefit analysis and risk management baked-in.

  • Expertise in several financial, sales and operational systems – not bound to any particular modalities or software suites.

  • Though tailored to clients’ unique history, culture and goals, our solutions are based on a variety of proven methods and systems.

  • We affect change through collaboration and leadership.

A Trusted Alliance

Collaborative Approach, Comprehensive Support, Integrity and Confidentiality

With over three decades of dedicated service to empowering our clients to excel in their endeavors, these values define our commitment to excellence and partnership.

  • We believe in working closely with our clients, whether in their workplace or home, to achieve optimal results.

  • We extend our services to provide support across all aspects of our clients’ lives.
  • Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of each client, ensuring adoptable systems that lead to effective and sustainable results.

  • We maintain the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality in all our interactions, respecting the trust placed in us by our clients.

What we do


Free Yourself to Be Your Best

“It comes rather naturally to me and I’m passionate about creating processes and organizational systems that support productivity and scalability. But, most experts aren’t taught this and they don’t enjoy it, so the weight of it bogs down really talented people. I want to free them from that.”

– Deanne Kelleher


We work with clients at different levels across several industries, at work and at home

We achieve success with clients by creating strategic business operations, developing innovative solutions, passionately leading and empowering teams through communication and collaboration, and creating business systems and products that scale with growth.


We’ve worked with directly individuals and collaboratively with their teams in Government and the Private Sector to pinpoint issues, develop and implement tactics:

  • Designing and implementing systems from basics like storing /sharing files and improving productivity, to optimizing sales and marketing or personal development

  • Implementation executed through one-on-one coaching or training, group seminars and hands-on propagation to multiple teams

  • Can be done through limited and focussed engagements, and long-term comprehensive relationships

Established Businesses with Special Projects

Both B2B and B2C clients often wish to tackle huge initiatives and look for outside resources as opposed to hiring internally. Kaos Group can integrate with the business, create the systems and then leave. For example:

  • Transitioning education from one to many
  • Creating an educational model for onboarding new clients
  • Developing internal training programs

  • Setting up new departments

  • Augmenting other business consultants by providing training and keynote speaking on organization and teams

Sole Proprietors

Clients include professionals in the Health, Beauty and Law industries to name a few. These highly trained or experienced experts in their fields find themselves in need of supports to running a business.

  • Systems that allow them to focus on what they love
  • Planning procceses (reception, sales pipeline management, bookkeeping and accounting, expansion of teams or office moves)
  • Upskilling
  • Systematizing procedures

  • Developing operating procedures and providing education

Corporate Settings

We also work with very large companies ranging from beauty to financial firms. We’ve worked closely with departments, teams and management to:

  • Optimize productivity
  • Create specific internal systems, such as inventory management
  • Develop training systems
  • Practical organizing of closets and kitchens over a multi-floor workplace

Individuals at Home

Our clients, particularly entrepreneurs and executives very often feel a sense of relief when we achieve our objectives, and see the power the same level of organization and systematization could bring to all aspects of their lives, and even their families. At home we have:

  • Created home office spaces that synchronize with workplace systems
  • Sorted, organized and decluttered home, cars and phones
  • Set up organizational systems the whole family can follow
  • Orchestrated entire moves from packing up to organizing the new space.
  • Downsized and help moved elderly parents

“Though my journey started in corporate at a large, well-known cosmetics company, I quickly saw that every challenge can be turned into a system or a process – it doesn’t matter what the business is. It even extends to personal space. I also realized it’s what I love doing and excel at.”

– Deanne Kelleher

Get Organized Today

Find success and freedom by creating strategic business operations, developing innovative solutions, passionately leading and empowering teams through communication and collaboration, and creating business systems and products that scale with growth.

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