Our Philosophy

What We Do

As organizational experts, we craft workflow solutions, develop systems, and implement processes that help individuals and companies improve productivity for long-term sustainable success.

Our Values

We are committed to work diligently for our clients in total openness, honesty and with confidentiality.

We believe that disorganization not only prevents potential growth and profit of a business, it also clutters the spirit and prevents growth of the people behind the business.

Our Mission

To lift the weight of what isn’t working, for individuals and businesses, providing practical and proven ways in which to move forward with increased productivity, uncluttered freedom, and a way to help both maximize their potential.

Founder & Principal

Deanne Kelleher

Deanne Kelleher draws on her innate organizational instincts and her keen understanding of people, blended with the kAos Group benchmarking process, to help clients identify and implement needed changes to improve efficiencies and maximize growth potential, in both their professional and personal lives.


Gayle Anderson

Program Officer, Centennial College

“Deanne is professional both in her approach and her ability. She is resourceful, creative and leaves you with the confidence that the task at hand will be taken care of accurately, and on time! With her knowledge of the industry coupled with her “out of the box” thinking, every project is inspired. I am grateful and appreciate all opportunities I receive to work with Deanne and would strongly recommend her to assist with any project.”

“Deanne is a consummate professional. Her ability to capture an audience and effectively deliver a message is second to none. From in-person seminars to web-delivered training presentations and written educational materials, her presence, communication skills, and command of the subject matter make her an excellent leader. Coupled with an outgoing and ever-positive attitude, Deanne is a must-have business partner. I highly recommend her.”

Herc Petrecca

Frank Tamburrini

“We brought Deanne on board as Head of Education to transform our training area into a true Education department. Deanne introduced efficient systems and procedures to ensure clients received high quality education through various avenues such as Web and Classroom. Within a short period of time, Deanne was able to build our curriculum for all our courses and implemented a “Continuing Education Guide” that introduces classes and schedules in an easy to use and easy to understand format. I’ve also had the pleasure to see Deanne in action many times. Deanne has an exceptional gift to truly engage an audience and get them emotionally invested in the presentation. Her presentations are filled with genuine passion and excitement that her audience can’t help but be riveted to their seats and retain what they’ve learned."

“Been around facilitators and trainers of “time/self — management and organizing for a long time. It was more than refreshing to experience Deanne’s fresh yet solid take on this important arena and approach to our work lives. She’s smart enough to recognize there are no quick fixes and that building a strong foundation and consistently working on it — is what truly makes a difference. And she’s passionate, fun and clear — you’ll learn a lot, have fun and not feel judged — all at the same time! Wow.”

Carrol Suzuki

M.Ed., ACC The Listening Advantage

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