Workflow Consulting 


We Empower You to be More Productive

Individuals and businesses alike can reclaim time and reduce stress with systems and processes that allow them and their teams to work more efficiently, grow and achieve.

We identify specific limiting factors and opportunities for improvement, then develop customized systems and tools to support individuals and teams in their environment, allowing them to drive results in their areas of expertise. We also help manage resulting change, communicate with stakeholders, and address concerns.

Workplace Optimization

As organizational experts and workflow specialists, we analyze, design, and optimize business processes and workflows. Operational areas we excel in include:

Business Processes

The creation, optimization, and streamlining of processes can elevate competitiveness, enhance productivity and allow the delivery of unparalleled value, while upholding operational quality.

We can develop what’s needed to achieve this.

  • Documentation: Policies, requirements and guidelines, and standard operating procedures 

  • Optimizing Operations: Collaborate to streamline processes, identify bottlenecks, and implement improvements 

  • Performance Metrics: Document and standardize to facilitate consistent tracking

  • Communication: Create protocols that result in smoother workflow

  • Employee Management: Handbook, record information management (RIM), and manuals

  • Hiring Procedures: Aligned interviewing, onboarding and orientation

  • Training and Development: Needs analysis, curriculum development, delivery and evaluation

  • Marketing and Sales: Develop processes for lead generation, nurturing and conversion, plus strategies to maintain, expand and retain clients. Implementation or enhancement of CRM systems

  • Techniques and Tools: Identify and introduce a range of tools intended to enhance productivity, collaboration, and overall effectiveness

Human Capital Systems

Effectively managing and investing in how people work individually and as teams is crucial for organizations to enhance productivity, innovation and overall success.

Kaos Group creates the necessary systems.

  • File Organization: Establish meticulous file organization so every team member can easily locate essential information

  • Team Development: Empower teams and individuals with essential skills, techniques, tools, methodologies and best practices to foster organizational alignment, personal fulfillment and individual agency

    Essential Skills: Develop a comprehensive understanding of the competencies necessary for individual and team excellence

    Knowledge Sharing: Harness the collective intelligence of your teams to provide the big picture, increase problem-solving and innovation, and allow smoother succession

    Methodologies for Success: Share the proven methodologies that align with organizational objectives

  • Centralized Document Repository: Build a scalable system with clear file structures that enables quick access to vital documents, makes tasks quicker, and enhances collaboration

  • Company Culture: Documenting and systematizing company culture expectations can enhance hiring and onboarding, plus provide clarification and reference for all

Financials & Environment

Implementing sustainable financial practices for operational optimization and and building a conducive work environment may reduce errors, delays and enhance well-being.

We will build these needed processes.

  • Financial Documents: Create efficient systems for filing receipts, invoices, bank statements, leases, and expense reports

  • Financial Workflows: Examine the following components to create or optimize system efficiency for ease, accuracy and compliance

    Accounting: Bookkeeping, accounts payables and receivables and bank reconciliation

    Invoicing Procedures: Invoice generation, terms and tracking

    Financial Reporting: Income statements, balance sheets and cash flow  

    Audit Preparation: Ensure workflows adhere to audit standards and requirements, communicate between business and accountant 

  • Workplace Environment: Create standards for space maintenance. This can include shared workspaces, naming and file storage, data security, meeting spaces booking procedures and etiquette, ergonomics and equipment maintenance

Simplify Your Business and Focus on Your Area of Expertise

Reclaim your time, reduce stress, and reignite your passion. Deanne, Senior Consultant and Founder, can develop the necessary systems to support you and your team and scale with your business.

Get started by scheduling a consultation and discover how our services can transform your professional life.

How We Do It

Kaos Group Helps Companies Reduce Costs, Save Time, and Enhance Overall Productivity

We combine a deep understanding of business processes with analytical skills and problem-solving abilities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization’s workflows.

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“We brought Deanne on board as Head of Education to transform our training area into a true Education department. Deanne introduced efficient systems and procedures to ensure clients received high quality education through various avenues such as Web and Classroom. Within a short period of time, Deanne was able to build our curriculum for all our courses and implemented a “Continuing Education Guide” that introduces classes and schedules in an easy to use and easy to understand format. I’ve also had the pleasure to see Deanne in action many times. Deanne has an exceptional gift to truly engage an audience and get them emotionally invested in the presentation. Her presentations are filled with genuine passion and excitement that her audience can’t help but be riveted to their seats and retain what they’ve learned.”