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welcome to kaos Group

WE are a professional organizing company.

WHEN you are organized, you are clear about what needs to be done and less stressed about having to do it. And, most importantly, you are able to execute day-to-day functions with ease and speed.

HOW organized you become is your personal preference, but getting organized is an essential requirement for optimal productivity and peace of mind.

Getting Started

Find the perfect service for you organizational needs


  • I want to:
  • Scale my business
  • Increase my productivity
  • Work Smart-er
  • Document Procedures
  • Create processes to maximize profits
  • Streamline projects
  • Manage my financials 
  • Enhance records & information management (RIM)


I want to:

  • Create a zen living space that I love
  • Put my darn laundry & papers away!
  • Sort, organize & create systems in my home & home office that work
  • Have expert help with moving or downsizing: sort, plan, pack, & unpack
  • A system to document & organize personal, financial  & legal documents


Do-It-Now (DIN) is the DIY organizing upgrade. Forget about doing it later… Do-It-Now means it’s done.

  • Start now with the Do-It-Now resources. Small fee – huge return. In less than one minute you can click, download, and start organizing like an expert.
  • Meander through our bonus resources, including articles and real-life stories from 10 years of organizing.

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There is no judgement – we all need a little help with something and the best part of working with kAos Group is that you’ll not only start the project, we’ll help you finish it too!